Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NEW Hair Care From Shea Moisture: Argan Oil & Almond Milk + Manuka Honey & Yogurt

Most people understand the pain of trying to tame unruly hair in humid weather but I think curly girls have it harder. When your spirals are already a little frizzy, sweltering summer heat can trigger a wave of bad hair days that leave your tresses looking a little frazzled.

When it’s hot outside, perspiration is inevitable and flat ironing is no longer an option. I usually let my tendrils fall where they may and take a break from heat styling so my mane grows long, strong and healthy. I also switch to gentle products infused with hydrating ingredients that nourish parched strands from root-to-tip.

Shea Moisture is a great option for all hair types because the cruelty-free collections contain no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or petroleum. I usually take a few faves on vacation to maintain body, bounce and shine in smoggy, polluted cities.

This summer the Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Range will be your new BFF. The Shampoo ($11.96) smells amazing and the liquid-y texture drenches each and every strand in a light, bubbly lather that gently foams away dirt, sweat, build-up and impurities with a nutritive blend of fruit extracts, shea butter, protein and essential oils. I like that it doesn’t irritate my scalp, strip away too much sebum or cause brittleness, and after cleansing my hair feels light and plush.

The Smooth & Tame Conditioner ($11.96) is packed with vitamin E, fatty acids and marshmallow root extract which forms an anti-humidity coating that eliminates frizz, deeply moisturizes, softens and prevents flyaways. The rich cream is also great for detangling and safe for color treated hair. I usually leave it on for a few minutes in the shower so the steam can enhance penetration and promote silkiness.

The Blow Out Creme ($13.96) reduces breakage up to 93%, reinforces weak fibers and protects against heat damage and environmental aggressors. Even if you aren’t blow drying, you can use it as a leave-in to define limp, frizzy curls and seal your ends.

When I notice split-ends or my hair feels a bit rough, I switch to the Manuka Honey & Yogurt Collection. These products repair fraying cuticles and reduce breakage up to 76% without weight, greasiness or residue.

The shampoo ($11.96) is not as milky as the Smooth & Tame but it works in much the same way. I can actually use it several times a week after working out without causing dryness and the invigorating lather purifies, fortifies and refreshes.

The Conditioner ($11.96) has a convenient pump which is easy to use in the shower and it deeply replenishes dull, lackluster strands with layers of velvety moisture. For best results, leave it on for at least 10 minutes so the luscious butters and natural oils can mend wiry areas.

If you need more protein and your multi-vitamins aren’t getting the job done, try the Hydrate & Repair Power Protein Treatment ($16.99) for over processed, abused hair fibers. This mask is ultra thick (like whipped shea butter) so it coats evenly to repair, detangle, moisturize and strengthen. I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes and my curls feel bouncy, soft, glossy and light with no stiffness (despite the protein), very little frizz and less shedding. After just one treatment I noticed much more definition and the results lasted for days! On busy mornings I can simply refresh my ringlets with some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and be out the door.

The Sugar Cane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Silicone Free Miracle Styler ($13.96) is another summer essential you’ll want to stock-up on. This Leave-In Treatment does it all: detangles, nourishes, cuts drying time, adds shine, reduces frizz, enhances silkiness and protects against thermal damage. I apply it to damp hair along with my other curl products and air dry for soft, bouncy curls that are well formed and lustrous. It also does wonders for dry, straggly ends that need to be revived.

Shea Moisture is available at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart

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