Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Body Shop Drops of Youth & Roots of Strength Skincare Review

It’s hard to believe that June has already begun but it’s finally time to update your skincare routine by switching to lighter products infused with refreshing botanicals, conditioning emollients and natural ingredients that replenish and protect.

As the weather warms up I no longer need to slather on rich moisturizers and heavy oils but proper hydration and anti-aging care is still important in the battle against UV damage and pollution.

The Body Shop is a great place to find safe vegan formulas free of silicones and synthetics. They handpick premium plant extracts from around the globe to deliver superior skin benefits and indulgent textures.

After a long day of fun in the sun, the first thing I do when I get home is remove my makeup. The Drops of Youth Foaming Face Wash ($20.00) is enriched with 3 plant stem cells: edelweiss from the Italian Alps, sea holly from the Brittany Coast and organic babassu oil from Brazil. The non-drying luscious foam removes impurities, makeup residue, excess oil, sweat and dirt to keep pores clean and help prevent breakouts. My skin feels soft, refreshed and purified with no tightness or discomfort.

The Drops of Youth Collection contains an effective anti-aging complex but using the cleanser alone is probably not enough to diminish lines and wrinkles. I prefer to pump the foam directly onto my cleansing brush and then lather, rinse, repeat and finish with a splash of cool water.

The Bouncy Eye Mask ($32.00) revives tired eyes in the morning, before bed and during allergy season. The formula contains cucumber, plant stem cells, natural extracts and healing oils that hydrate, fade dark circles, reduce under eye bags and soften fine lines. I tested it for 3 consecutive weeks and the dewy gel has made my skin look plump, healthy and less fatigued.

The Roots of Strength Collection is inspired by traditional medicine where plant roots have been used since ancient times for their restorative powers. Each product is infused with 3 potent extracts: ginger root from Madagascar, ginseng root from China and ruscus root from wild oak forests in Europe. Together they plump, firm, stimulate and lift sagging skin for a youthful looking profile.

I start with the Firming Shaping Essence Lotion ($22.00) to lock-in moisture and activate my skin before applying the serum. You can smell the invigorating ginger (which I love) and the lightweight gel melts in quickly to enhance the absorption of all other skincare. The silky finish smooths roughness to improve texture, tone and resiliency.

The Roots of Strenght Firming Shaping Serum ($42.00) refines, contours the jawline and makes skin feel incredibly supple. If you plan to take a lot of selfies this summer, you need this serum! It softens laugh lines, encourages cell renewal, evens the complexion and fades blemishes so skin looks clear and radiant. The consistency is light and non-sticky so you can wear it during the day as primer or at night layered with cream.

My favorite product is the Firming Shaping Cream ($34.00) because it deeply hydrates and makes my skin feel wonderful! Since I don’t have visible signs of aging, there have been no significant changes in my profile but I have experienced fewer breakouts, improved texture and less redness.

Need a little more pampering? Try the Spa of The World Blissful Bath & Shower Oil-In Gels ($14.00 ea). The exotic blends include: Tahitian Tiare infused with monoi oil, blossoms and coconut oil, Balkan Juniper with honey, Brittany Coast enriched with sea algae and Adriatic Peony. As you lather up, the luxurious scents awaken your senses while rinsing away dirt, oil and sweat. They make me feel like I’m vacationing in the Mediterranean and my entire bathroom smells divine!

Check out these fabulous products at The Body Shop stores nationwide and online at thebodyshop.ca.

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