Monday, September 2, 2019

How to Hide Dark Circles like a Pro with Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 Color Correcting Concealer

One of the biggest issues I face when applying makeup is how to hide dark circles. I always strive for a flawless finish but no matter how much sleep I get or how much eye cream I use, they never go away completely.

Darkness around the eye area is caused my many factors including genetics, fatigue, veins, melanin, allergies, ageing and thinning skin. Most people in my dad’s family have them so I work extra hard to prevent the shadows from getting worse.

Aside from going to bed early, using weekly treatments and taking time to relax, I also camouflage my dark circles to look and feel my best.

If you’ve tried to disguise the problem without success, you might be going about it the wrong way. The mistake most people make is pasting on tons of concealer that sits on top of the skin and draws more attention to the area. To effectively mask dark circles you must first correct the discoloration which is why VO2 is a makeup bag essential. This lightweight, non-greasy formula is easy to blend with no dulling, creasing or caking.

VO2 Color Corrector is a universal orange that works on most complexions including medium to deep skin. Over the years I’ve had difficulty finding a corrector that isn’t harsh, thick or oily so I’m happy someone finally got it right!

Use the VO2 Stubby Brush to apply the pigment exactly where you need it most. Creating a V shape is the best method for achieving full coverage. Deep undertones around the eyes (brown, purple and blue) are instantly neutralized so your concealer can actually do its job without any darkness showing through. I also use this brush to apply powder and set liquids. The bristles are sturdy, flexible and soft – perfect for smoothing and eliminating shine.

I usually give the corrector a minute or two to set before applying anything else. If you do require an extra layer, the versatile formula is buildable and won’t clog pores. It also stays where you put it so your face doesn’t look orange or red on warm summer days.

Vasanti’s Liquid Cover Up Foundation & Concealer works well on top of the corrector. Together they create a seamless veil that mimics skin’s natural texture and lasts all day without becoming ashy or thick. These products are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. In under 2 minutes my under eye area looks bright, even and totally rejuvenated!

I also like that the pigment hydrates and plumps dry skin. For extra nourishment use it on top of Vasanti’s Eye Wonder 2.0 Cream to reduce puffiness with a blend of peptides, botanicals and vitamins.

Unlike most correctors, I don’t have to use a lot to see amazing results and since one tube can last up to a year, it is very cost effective. Those with sensitive skin will be happy to know that these products are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free with a hint of olive leaf extract to condition and protect.

I keep the corrector in my carry-on luggage to use on all my vacations and press trips. After long flights, I simply swipe or dab some on to look well rested and alert.

If you are a makeup artist, VO2 makes a great addition to your kit because the color is versatile and flattering. I use it every day for radiant, youthful looking skin.

For unsightly blemishes, dark spots, acne scars or hyperpigmentation that won’t fade fast enough, the orange pigment balances the complexion so your foundation looks amazing! Use it to brighten your eyelids or shape, define and contour your brows. A thin layer makes a great base for eye shadow.

I don’t have wrinkles (thank goodness) so I let my mom test my orange corrector and she loves it too! Her skin tone is much darker than mine but the peachy color works wonders without accentuating the areas she wants to blur. If you have mature skin, don’t be afraid to use as much as you need. The natural finish improves the appearance of bags and sallow grooves without settling into fine lines.

I’ve featured a lot of amazing makeup from Vasanti (their lipsticks are gorgeous) and after reading this review I’m sure you’ll want to try VO2 for yourself.

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Vasanti Cosmetics is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, and

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