Monday, March 24, 2014

Epic Blend Lip Balms

If you want soft supple lips then lip care is essential and finding a lip product that works for you can be a challenge. When I was a kid I use to buy lots of interesting balms that came in bright colors and weird flavors. Now that I am an adult what’s inside matters more to me than what’s on the outside so I look for products that have natural ingredients that sooth and prevent chapped lips. I keep a lip balm in almost every room of my house so when I came across Epic Blend I was happy to try their great selection of lip products.

Epic Blend is a company that focuses on making lip balms for everyone using natural ingredients. They have a few different lines within the brand including: hemp balms, vegan balms and moisture balms. They also offer limited edition exotic flavors like banana and chocolate rum. I received the Lip Lovin Super Pack which includes a variety of 10 balms from each of the lines. The scents and flavors of these lip products are tropical and smell delicious! I have: grape, wild berry, mint, vanilla, cherry, citrus kick, coconut, unflavored, green apple and pineapple mint.
The lip balms contain ingredients such as: sunflower seed oil, organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract. Because the ingredients are organic and natural, irritation of the skin is less likely to occur.

I like the formula of these products because unlike some organic balms that can be thick and hard to apply these glide on smoothly and feel hydrating on the lips. They help relieve dryness and the natural oils provide great moisture. I do find myself re-applying often but the balms improve the texture of my skin.

I have my Epic Blend balms stashed away in my car, my bedside table, my office and in my purse. After a harsh winter our lips can use all the help they can get! Spring is a great time to revitalize the lips and get them ready for all the beautifully bright lipsticks. I gifted some of these balms to members of my family and they were a hit with everyone.

The balms retail for just $3.49 each and a pack of 4 is $12

You can find them at EpicBlend.Com

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for a sponsored review courtesy of  Epic Blend. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. These sound heavenly! I've heard good things about Epic Blend, I had no idea they were so affordable.

  2. I love having lip balms everywhere lol. I think it's really important that lip balms are made of natural ingredients since petroleum-based products are really bad for the skin and dry out lips.

  3. i just love the packaging of these, lol! but it sounds like they work well, too! i have also been more conscious of ingredients in products that i use. thanks for the intro to these.

  4. Great post! I would love to try these.

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  5. Never heard of these.. wud def chk it out.. Thanks fr sharing xo
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  6. Thanks so much for posting these!!
    Being Vegan myself I am always looking for products to use that are great for my health!!!
    I will have to hunt these guys down!!!


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