Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zuca Utility Pouch

On my recent trip to L.A I decided to try out the Zuca utility pouch. It is a great size, good quality and saved some much needed space in my luggage.

Because I travel a lot I like to have a good makeup bag for organization and enough space to fit all my essentials.I was actually quite surprised at how much I could get into this simple pouch. On the last day of my trip I had quite a few beauty items to pack. I went on a little shopping spree at The Makeup Show, Target, Ulta and MAC and despite having twice as much makeup as I did at the beginning of my trip this pouch was able to accommodate everything in a tidy manner.

Zuca is a brand that manufactures all types of fun, colourful organizers and travel cases for a variety of purposes. They sell everything from sports collections, collections for kids, travel, artist’s collections and even collections for pets! The pouch also has a handle at the top for easy carrying.

This pouch that I am using as a makeup bag retails for $15. I like that the front panel is clear so you can see all your neatly packaged items and the inside is lined with plastic which is ideal for easy clean-up. This is a great pouch to use for other travel items as well such as skin care essentials, hair styling tools and toiletries. I think it would work well for both men and women.

If you are looking for a good multi-purpose travel pouch you can check this one out HERE


  1. I've heard about a lot of makeup artists using these, but it does seem really great to use just for traveling! Thanks for sharing!

    Chelsea |

  2. Nice utility pouch and great size too.

  3. I like how it can fit so much, and the fact that is is clear is an added bonus :)

  4. I love the pouch and the fact that it is clear makes the product visible from the outside . thanks fr sharing xo
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  5. I must admit that the makeup products caught my attention first :)) This is a pretty cool pouch, it seems perfect for traveling :)

  6. Wow that's pretty big and at a really good price. I've seen much smaller bags go for much more. I'm probably going to need something similar to this for if/when I do travel.

  7. It looks very useful as it fits a lot of stuff and you can see what there is inside.

  8. I need to look into getting one of these, with as much traveling that I do. Thanks for the review, Erica.


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