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Yonanas Ice Cream Machine Review

Ice cream is my favorite desert; the cool creamy treat can help relieve the relentless humidity of summer and even during the frigid winter I can't seem to resist it. I love topping it with candy and fruit and I even enjoy the different varieties from India and Italy. Even though ice cream is delicious it is quite fattening if consumed often so my family decided to purchase one of the healthiest, easiest ice cream machines on the market.

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Yonanas is a machine that makes creamy ice cream using nothing but frozen fruit! Yes you read that correctly! The recipes require no dairy or added sugar! All you do is toss in your favorite frozen fruits, push the plunger down so the fruit goes through the machine (similar to a juicer) and you have a delicious dessert ready in minutes! You can experiment by adding your favorite toppings like cookies, chocolate and peanut butter.
You can also create delicious adult recipes such as Irish coffee, perfect for a girls night in!

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Although the name is quite silly the machine works well and doesn't take up much room on the kitchen counter. It is also dishwasher safe and relatively easy to clean.

The Yonanas machine comes with a recipe booklet with lots of ideas for creating healthy, frozen desserts and you can also find many great recipes on the website. Bananas are a key component for the ice cream recipes because they give it a creamy texture. If you don't care for bananas however you can also use the machine to make scrumptious sorbets.

We buy fresh fruits and freeze them or we purchase bags of frozen fruit, the same variety used in smoothies. You do need to leave the fruit out for a few minutes after removing it from the freezer. The amount of time you allow the fruit to sit will determine the texture you end up with so experiment to find your desired consistency. 

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This is a fantastic way to get in all your servings of fruit and fill up on beneficial antioxidants without feeling like you are eating healthy! I think it is great for families.

Over the weekend my sister and I made some mango, pineapple, ice cream. It was quick, easy and tasted fresh and delicious. You can also add yogurt to make homemade froyo!

We got our machine at Walmart for $48 and if you want to check out the website you can find it HERE.

I think my next recipe is going to be Bailey's ice cream with chocolate and strawberries....I'll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. As an "ice creamaholic" I have experienced the problem of eating way too much of it (calorie-wise). This machine sounds amazing!

  2. I just saw this on the Bethenny show the other day and I thought it is just awesome. It is such a great and healthier way to get your daily intake of fruits and not so much sugar in the regular ice cream. I was going to search where I can get that and so glad you mentioned you got yours at Walmart. Thanks so much!

  3. This looks awesome! I actually saw an ad for this a little while ago and really wanted one, but then I remembered I already have an ice cream machine lol. This looks like a lot less mess than having to make a full ice cream or sorbet recipe though.

  4. A perfect post for summer time.. i love ice creams.. thanks fr sharing.. Happy Weekend xoxo
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  5. my sister has a machine, not sure the brand, but she makes ice cream for good! this sounds interesting without the dairy!

  6. Ohmygahh I need this! Definitely going to try to get one for summer time! Your creation looks super yummy too!

  7. Oh my, oh my, I need an ice cream machine in my life, that ice cream looks soooo yummy <3

  8. Yummy!!! And nothing is required except fruit! Sounds like a great deal!!

  9. I NEED to get one of these! That mango pineapple ice cream sound delicious!


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