Sunday, September 7, 2014

Almay Shadow Softies by intense i-color – Review

If you decide to take a break from all the bold pigments and shocking colors in favor of a subtle approach then Almay has you covered. The Shadow Softies offer an alternative approach to light-weight formulas and are designed to provide a sheer wash of crease-free color with a cushiony soft feel. These shadows are described as “whipped powders” and are available in 6 matte and 6 metallic hypoallergenic shades.

I would describe the consistency as ultra satiny, luxuriously smooth and some of the most velvety shadows I have had the pleasure of using. Although the matte shade feels a bit smoother than the metallics, they all have a great plush texture.

When I saw that these were sheer shadows I was a bit concerned that I wasn't going to get much saturation but some of the colors are buildable and offer light to medium coverage, especially if you layer them and don't blend them out. The metallic shadows have a sheen finish but they don’t all have the same amount of shimmer. I also found that upon initial application  Lilac and Seafoam had more pigmentation whereas Honeydew appeared translucent. The intensity you achieve may depend on the colors you choose and using your fingers or a sponge tip applicator seems to work best.

In the photo below I heavily swatched the colors over primer and I like the pretty pastel effect. The shades don't appear as bold as they do in the packaging and although they have been criticized for their lack pigmentation I was able to build them up quite nicely.

The shadows produce no fall-out and may be ideal for those who prefer soft shades. I think they are quite nice, especially for spring, they retail for $4.99 each, to view the collection click HERE.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

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