Thursday, September 25, 2014

L’Oréal Pop Balm Review

L’Oréal Paris sells a wide range of great lip products but the Pop Balms have introduced bold color to the realm of the average tinted lip balms. L’Oréal describes this line as “the new generation of balms” and they are formulated with nourishing shea butter and jojoba for 8 hours of hydration and color.

Usually when I see the word “balm” I think of sheer or transparent coverage with the occasional touch of subtle color and although these balms are light-weight the pigmentation resembles lipstick! They feel very comfortable yet look great as they moisturize dry, chapped skin. They also have an appealing shiny finish without being thick, sticky or slick for pouty, supple lips.

Although they don’t last a full 8 hours and tend to wear off during eating and drinking they do provide even coverage and have a nice smooth texture that is easy to apply. I don't have any trouble with the color feathering or transferring to my teeth and the scent is light and pleasantly sweet.

There are only 4 colors available and the two shades that I have- (Wild Lily and Bold Blush) are very similar. Wild Lily is a tad lighter and closer to a baby pink hue but I do think both shades are very pretty. I recommend trying one of the pinks and the red hue for more variation but for someone like me who values healthy lips without having to sacrifice bright color these are a great alternative!

The balms retail for $7.99 each and you can find them at most drug stores and online by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: Products were provided for review


  1. yes, those look very similar! it's a nice pink, though, and nice pigmentation.

  2. I've only seen a few reviews about these balms, but they seem really nice. I have yet to buy one for myself, though.


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