Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simple Skin Care Review - Developing a Daily Skin Care Routine

Developing a skin care routine is important and over the years I have tweaked mine to include the right balance of deep cleansing, exfoliation and ingredients. It can take some time but when you do create a routine that works, your skin will feel pampered and look renewed. Today I am featuring products from Simple that can help you establish your own skin care regime on the road to a healthier, more radiant complexion!

Simple offers affordable products that are gentle on sensitive skin and free of artificial dyes, perfumes, parabens and harsh chemicals. When used together the products are effective at cleansing and hydrating to maintain youthful looking skin.

STEP ONE: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
Before you jump into bed at night it is important to remove all traces of pore clogging makeup and erase the signs of environmental stressors. I like to begin with the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes; these soft, thick clothes are designed to be tough on makeup but gentle on sensitive skin and they leave behind no unpleasant residue. There are 25 wipes per pack and they offer just the right amount of dampness to effectively remove foundation, concealer and heavy makeup.

Most of the wipes I've used contained formulas that have burned my eyes, but not these! They are infused with vitamins and gently cleanse without drying out the skin. They do remove mascara and eyeliner but not as quickly as other types of makeup and not without some effort. One wipe is usually enough to get the job done. (Retail price $7.97 CAN $5.49 U.S)

STEP TWO: Deep Cleanse with Simple Foaming Cleanser (for sensitive skin)
No matter how much I wipe my face there is usually residual makeup left behind, so for thorough cleansing I follow up with a face wash. The foaming cleanser by simple has become one of my new favorites! 

This thick, luscious foam works up into a fluffy lather that cleans without the use of harsh soaps. It eliminates impurities, clears pores and removes excess oil and makeup while maintaining skin’s moisture balance. The non-drying formula makes skin feel fresh and soft! (Retail price: $7.97 CAN, $6.99 U.S)

STEP THREE: Moisturize with Simple's Nourishing 24 Hour Day/Night Cream
After my skin is clean and I've taken a relaxing, warm shower I apply the finishing touches. It is important to reintroduce some moisture after cleansing and to allow your cream to go to work as you sleep. 

The 24 Hour Day/Night cream has a natural scent and nourishes skin with rich shea butter and multi-vitamins for fast absorbing non-greasy hydration. After application, my face feels supple and smooth and there are no ingredients to upset sensitive skin. Because this cream is so light it also works well on oily skin and under makeup. (Retail price: $12.97 CAN $9.99 U.S)

STEP FOUR: Eye Care with Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On
For someone who battles under eye circles this last step is a must! The Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on is formulated with cucumber extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, and no harsh irritants. It brightens and refreshes the eyes with a soothing, quick absorbing liquid. 

The small roller ball provides ease of application and an instant cooling sensation that is alleviating and rejuvenating. The treatment is Ophthalmologist tested, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Although I like to use the eye roll-on before bed you can also use it during the day to revive tired eyes. (Retail price $12.97 CAN)

Simple products can be found at Walmart, Target, select drug stores and Amazon.Ca. You can check out their full range of products on the website by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: Products were provided for review


  1. Their makeup wipes are one of my favorite. The eye roller ball eye cream looks good. I love eye cream with the roller ball applicator for the cooling effect in the morning.

  2. I have enjoyed using their day/night cream. love this brand ☻

  3. Seems like you really liked all of these! I had my skincare routine down pat but I've been getting some cystic acne again recently. I can't win!


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