Friday, September 26, 2014

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base Review

Back in December I received a MAC gift card that had been sitting in my wallet just itching to be used. Many of the cosmetics I wear on a daily basis are from MAC but this time I wanted to purchase something I never tried before. The Prep + Primer Lip Base is highly rated among many MAC fans and since I have more lipstick than I know what to do with I decided that it was a match made in makeup heaven. I use shadow primer and face primer to enhance my application so I figured, why not prime my lips too!

The primer retails for $19.00 here in Canada, ($21.47 with tax) and comes in a slender black tube. The base itself appears white but applies completely translucent with a pleasant sweet scent. It is formulated to: smooth, add light moisture, refine and improve the appearance of most lip products.

Although it took me a day or two to adjust to wearing the primer I did notice that it greatly increased the longevity of my lip products by creating a slightly sticky layer for adhesion. I also noticed that my lip color stayed in place without feathering and it helps prevent transfer to teeth which is a big bonus!

I tested the primer during an evening at the movies, munching on popcorn, sipping on diet cola and through late night coffee. After the movie my lipstick wasn't as vibrant but it still looked good and when I got home late that night I still had light, consistent coverage! 

The base is developed to work well under matte formulas making them more comfortable on the lips.

It also works wonderful with cream formulas as well as shimmer or solid finishes and helps even and smooth the texture of lips. It improves the appearance of  most lip products including gloss, liners and bright hues for a neater enhanced appearance and a professional effect.

Upon application the primer has a balm consistency and it is recommended that you wait 60 seconds before applying your lip product or until the texture begins to feel slightly tacky. Although it does tend to alter the consistency of my lipsticks a bit I don't mind it. Many of the reviews I read claim that the primer provides a lot of hydration but I found the moisture a bit underwhelming. The texture did keep my lips from drying, peeling and chapping but it didn't keep them ultra moist.

For the price the amount of product per tube is a bit sparse and because the primer is thin I wouldn't recommend twisting it up too much during use to prevent breakage. Overall this is a great product for anyone who loves lip products and wants to keep their lipsticks looking fresh and lasting longer! I always carry it in my bag and it has become one of my must-have beauty items!

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  1. I really wanna try this out! You're right that we prime everything else but our lips. Why not? Thanks for sharing Erica!


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