Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Review

When I think of Aveeno what comes to mind is quality, reliability and hydration. This brand has been a staple in my household for years and since I love their leave-in hair conditioner and body lotions I was more than willing to test out the Fresh Essentials products.

The line includes the Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF protection, the Daily Exfoliating Scrub and a Hydrating Night Cream. The products were created to combat factors that stress and negatively impact the skin such as environmental aggressors, poor diet, sun exposure hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep. All of these factors can deplete nourishment and hydration and nobody wants a dull, dry complexion.

Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30 (retail price: $16.97-$19.99)
If you face the sun and the great outdoors without some sort of skin protection even in the winter when UV rays are still present then you may be quickening the aging process. Frequent exposure to UVA and UVB may cause premature wrinkles age spots and other unsightly blemishes. This moisturizer has a lightweight formula enriched with anti-oxidants and emollients to strengthen and hydrate.

When it comes to products with built in sunscreen there are two key components that I look for:

1. The cream has to have a non-sticky texture that does not leave behind a residue, feel thick or smell disgusting. Like the other two products the moisturizer smells light, sweet and natural which I love and it leaves my skin feeling silky without any stickiness or shine.

2. The cream must also work well under makeup without casting an unsightly white film over my face. The Fresh Essentials moisturizer applies wonderfully and layers harmoniously under foundation to keep my skin hydrated without making me look oily. This is definitely a great day cream and the vitamin enriched formula keeps skin feeling fresh and soft.

Daily Exfoliating Scrub (retail price: $9.97-$12.99)
As most of you know exfoliation can greatly improve your complexion by eradicating dead cells and revealing a whole new layer of fresh skin. I make it a weekly practice to buff away these cells so that my face looks bright and polished.

The Daily scrub is very creamy and the exfoliation beads made of coconut pulp are so fine that they do not cause irritation or feel excessively gritty against the skin. When I use the scrub it barely feels like I’m exfoliating (which is a good thing) and afterwards my skin feels renewed, soft and supple. The oil-free formula also contains antioxidants and extracts that remove pore clogging impurities to help fight breakouts.

Hydrating Night Cream (retail price $16.97-19.99)
One of the most important things I do before bed is apply my skincare and hydrate. Since the body heals during a good night’s sleep the added benefits of nutritive product absorption often equals a dewy, healthy complexion in the morning.

The night cream is my favorite of the three products because it provides an intense dose of oil-free moisture that lasts all evening! I love slathering on the rich, fragrant formula packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and I don’t skimp on application. The cream pampers, softens and smooths my skin which makes it look like I just got a replenishing facial! I also use it under my foundation when I need to treat those annoying dry patches that look hideous under makeup. With no greasy residue and a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic formula I definitely recommend the night cream if your skin needs some serious winter rescue. 

These products are available nationwide at food, drug and mass retailers. You can also check them out online by clicking HERE.

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