Tuesday, February 10, 2015

EvoDerma Noome Anti-Aging Motion Device

I have reviewed many skincare products with multiple anti-aging benefits and although I don’t have fine lines, wrinkles or visible signs of aging I believe that prevention is key to a beautiful complexion. I take good care of my skin because I’d like to keep it looking youthful and radiant for as long as I can and with the effects of UV and other environmental aggressors early care is imperative. To do this I use great products that work for my skin type, change up my routine with the seasons to increase moisture when needed and cleanse on a daily basis. I also give myself a rejuvenating facial one per week with exfoliation, nourishing treatments, masks and steam.

The Noome Anti-Aging Device can be incorporated into your skincare routine to promote healthy looking skin. It uses non-abrasive dermal technology to actively stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen and soften wrinkles. In just 5-10 minutes the Noome stimulates blood flow for a healthy more radiant complexion and releases tension to relax facial muscles, smooth and brighten.

As you move the device around your face it uses a sophisticated vacuuming motion with micro-lifting rapid pulses for effective, comfortable facial rejuvenation. The mechanical motion and massage is a non-invasive, clinically proven technique with no risks or side effects.

When I use the device I feel gentle suction and pulsation against my skin and there are 2 treatment cups (1 soft and 1 firm) to personalize the intensity. I use the strong cup because I think it does a better job of stimulating my face.

At first it took me a few minutes to get the hang of moving the device along my skin. I found that if I press too firmly the suction seems irregular whereas when I apply very light pressure the device glides along easily and does most of the work. Upon first contact I like to press the Noome down so that it creates some initial suction and a better grip. You should feel a continuous suck and release sensation without any slippage and it helps if your skin is slightly moisturized.

There is only one button that turns the device on and off and it comes with 2 double A batteries. It would have been nice if the Noome had a rechargeable battery but it is portable enough for vacationing and very easy to use.

Like many skincare products, visible results are usually most evident after continuous use but with the Noome there are some immediate benefits listed which include:

*The softening of fine lines and wrinkles
*Soothing of muscle strain
*Youthful, healthy glow
*Amplifies the effects of anti-aging skincare

The long term results include:
*Skin resiliency and firmness
*Enhanced facial contour and definition
*Reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles

I may not be able to attest to the reduction of wrinkles but I do think the device is an easy preventative measure to incorporate into my skincare routine. Although I did not notice much difference in the texture of my skin or any dramatic changes for me the best benefit is increased circulation. The cellular renewal and mild muscle stimulation can bring healthy color to the face although I think stronger suction would promote better results. It also seems like much of the action occurs subdermally, like a mini workout for your face with pain free toning! I will definitely continue to test this device and see if I can achieve more visible results.

The Noome retails for $89.00 and can be found by clicking HERE. You can also visit their Facebook page HERE.

**Disclaimer: product provided for review

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  1. Eek so exciting you got to try this device! Glad you've been enjoying it too :)


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