Thursday, February 12, 2015

Essence Cosmetics: Like An Unforgettable Kiss Collection

You may have noticed that as you step into just about every store there is an explosion of pink and red which can only mean one thing...Valentine's day! If you are looking for some adorable beauty products for a gift bag or a variety of playful heart themed makeup then stop by the essence booth and check out the Unforgettable Kiss Collection. The playful colors and flirty packaging is sure to put you in the spirit for a candlelit night of sugary fun!

The blush duos are available in two shades- 01 nothing but lovestoned (peach/apricot) and 02 pink me (rose/pink). The aligned shadows are packaged is a lovely heart shaped box and can be mixed together or applied individually. Even when layered the pigmentation is not vivid or dramatic and the pink is very light which creates a soft, natural flush.

The “rose” or lighter hue in the box looks like a matte highlight and actually shows up more white than rosy. This shade doesn't actually contribute much to the overall finish of the blush but the pink adds a pop of color. The texture and finish is not the greatest but for just $3.99 it is fun to play around with.

No one likes chapped lips, especially on days meant for smooching! The Lip Smoother is formulated to make skin feel soft and supple with brilliant shine and texture. The light “peeling effect” is designed to even out small lines around the lips and the gloss is available in one sheer shade fittingly named keep calm and kiss me.

To use you simply rub the balm/gloss hybrid onto your lips in circular motions which is suppose to mimic the effect of peeling and help smooth the skin. Although this didn't really seem to alter the texture of my lips, the formula does hydrate without feeling sticky and there is a lovely touch of illumination without an abundance of distracting sparkle. The gloss is quite basic with no oils or extracts but it adds moisture when needed and retails for just $2.99.

The eye shadows in the collection are available in three shades: 01 always on my mint, 02 love is in the air, and 03 cloud number nine. 

The minty green, lavender and light blue coloring are mild tints with predominant silver undertones that brighten the eyes and make them pop with a frosty pearl finish. The shadows have a nice smooth texture and provide a pretty wash of  buildable pigment without creasing. I think the colors look best paired with primer and a bold winged liner for a sweet-edgy contrast or used as a highlight. They retail for $2.99 ea.

For a gorgeous V-Day manicure the Unforgettable Kiss lacquers offer a refreshing burst of shiny color in both vibrant and cool pastel hues. Just in case you are running a bit late for your date the formula is easy to work with, provides full coverage and dries quick and glossy! The mini lacquers have always been some of my faves and retail for $2.49 ea.

Colors from left to right: 03 you let my heart skip a beat, 01 nothing but lovestoned, 04 pink me, 02 always on my mint

The Unforgettable Kiss Lipsticks are available in three cute hydrating shades: 03 keep calm and kiss me- (red), 02 pink me and 01 nothing but lovestoned- (pastel peach). By now you have probably noticed that there is a color scheme, some of the products share the same names and compliment each other to create a complete look in your favorite shade. 

The lipstick actually feel more like tinted balm, with sheer pigmentation that can be built up to medium coverage for more intensity. If you are going for a neutral look these juicy hues add a hint of shine for kissably moist lips. They retail for $2.99 ea. 

Essence Cosmetics can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.

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  1. Looks lovely, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new Valentines Day outfit on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    1. You're welcome, I stopped by your blog, cute outfits!

  2. The packaging and patterns are soo cute! That reminds me I wanted to check their stuff out, I'll go tomorrow :)

    1. I always stop by their little booth at shoppers, you can find some great deals and I just love the polish!

  3. The packaging is really nice and the patterns say Valentines. Sadly, we don't have this brand here.
    Great review!

    Keisha xo

    1. That's too bad, essence can be found in so many countries, hopefully your city will get it soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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