Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks and Lip Lacquers

When I first laid eyes on the 20 vivid new shades of HD lipsticks from Revlon I knew I had to try them! If you have seen the ads in magazines or on TV then you are probably already lusting over the gorgeous pigments and today I will be reviewing and swatching 7 luscious, irresistible colors!

These ultra rich lipsticks glide on buttery smooth, soft, creamy and wax free. Revlon has formulated them to deliver true color with stunning clarity and a light-weight, luxurious texture. The colors are designed to be full-coverage, high definition and striking with a slight satin-sheen finish.

875 Gladiolus

I love bright hues but if you prefer subtle neutrals there are only a few tame shades in the line, most are quite bright and standout to make lips appear pouty and plush.

The lipsticks have one of the softest formulas I have used to date which is excellent for application because they glide on effortlessly with every swipe and feel moist and supple. Due to the creaminess however they are not the type of products you’d want to forget in the car on a hot day or let sit out in humid conditions because they seem prone to melting.  

850 Iris

810 Orchid

The packaging does not work with the soft texture of the lipsticks and because the tips stick out of the tubes they are easy to slice off, misshape, smear and crush. You have to be very careful when capping and uncapping these beauties or you may end up losing chunks and nobody wants that!

845 Peony

880 Marigold

When you twist the lipsticks up there is a distinct clicking sound that signifies unlocking and the scent reminds me of deliciously sweet caramel with a fruity taste that I don’t mind. I like that the pigment does not cling to dry spots or accentuate chapped lips and they keep my skin relatively hydrated throughout the day.

The longevity is decent but like most lip products they do transfer quite easily so reapplication is necessary to maintain the color. As usual I like to pair them with a lip primer for best results.

As for the HD claims, I am not quite sure how “high definition,” they are but when layered they build up very nicely for opaque, solid coverage while maintaining a light texture and I love the finish.

840 Poinsettia

820 Petunia

Overall the packaging is finicky but I think the fabulous shades make it worth the hassle. If I had to pick favorites among these I'd go with Petunia and Orchid but there is definitely something for everyone The lipsticks retail for $11.49 each.

Swatches from left to right: 875 Gladiolus, 840 Poinsettia, 850 Iris, 810 Orchid, 845 Peony, 880 Marigold , 820 Petunia

The Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are available in 15 shades with both shimmer and non-shimmer finishes. These colors apply exactly as they appear in the packaging which makes finding the perfect shade quite simple. The formula is shiny and richly pigmented with a slightly sweet scent and they feel creamy as opposed to sticky.

The colors distribute well over the lips and the brush applicator picks up a lot of product per dip. The lacquers provide opaque, full-coverage so if you look at these and think- oh great, another mediocre sheer gloss think again! I love glossy products that pack a bold punch of color and you can apply as little as or much as you like to control the intensity and effect.

Pink- 510 Tourmaline, Wine-545 Carnelian

Like the HD Lipsticks the lacquers are also formulated without wax so they feel light-weight and bouncy while still being high-impact. These actually remind me of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses which I still love!

Swatches from left to right: 545 Carnelian, 510 Tourmaline 

The new Revlon HD line can be found at drugstores and retailers nationwide.

*Press samples featured 


  1. I wanted to pick up the Revlon HD lipsticks to try but have read so many mixed reviews on it. It's not the cheapest drugstore option so I'm still on the fence whether to purchase them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. With all the options out there it can be difficult to decide. I really love the creamy, smooth texture and the beautiful colors so I think they are great. The packaging is not suited to the formula as I said, you can slice of chunks if you aren't very, very careful but I think they are worth it.

  2. Wow, saying that it has one of the softest formulas you have ever tried to date means a lot coming from you because you have tested so many products! I'm finding myself in Walgreens almost every day because there is one right by my house, so I may have to see if they have these.

    1. I would definitely give them a try but remember to be very careful when opening and closing them!

  3. the lipsticks look so rich and pigmented! some revlon lipstick scents bother me, but caramel sounds like something i wouldn't mind having on my lips all day! love Iris.

    1. These smell great and I wore one to an event last night and didn't even notice the scent.

  4. Omg these are amazing! Especially the glosses. I am definitely getting a few on my next trip shopping!

    1. The glosses are wonderfully pigmented! Let me know what you think if you decide to pick some up.


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