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Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection - Spring 2015

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that every season the makeup at Mary Kay keeps getting better and better! They seem to be tapping in to the beauty needs of women of all ages and incorporating trendy new packaging, formulas and colors.

I know winter is a bit drab and many of us are tired of battling the icy conditions but the Mary Kay Paradise Collection for spring 2015 will have you dreaming of warm beaches, blue skies and tropical drinks. This indulgent collection blends bright vivid color with an intermingling of punchy prints and shiny finishes to instantly awaken your complexion.

The Lacquered Lip Shines are sure to brighten up any makeup look with vibrant high-shine color that lasts. Although there are only 3 shades available they are all fabulous! My favorite color by far is Exotic Orchid which is a beautiful combination of pink-purple but if you prefer something on the subtle side then Sun Baked is a fetching nude. Tropical Mandarin is a gorgeous orange-red that makes lips pop with bright, pouty color.

The glosses are formulated to be full-coverage so you can apply them lightly or in layers for saturated color in just a few sweeps. The longevity is quite decent for lip gloss and the finish is shiny and lush. These bold beauties will keep your lips moist whether you are lounging on the beach or battling the last of winter’s wrath and although there is a slight stickiness they feel quite smooth and comfortable. The Lip Shines retail for $19.00 ea.

I have been wearing a lot of deep wines and dark reds on my nails but now that spring is around the corner I am ready to break out the bright polish and embrace some uplifting color! The exotic nail lacquers are just as alluring as the Lip Shines and the shades are glossy and fun. Lagoon is a blue-green that has been consistently popular and looks great on most skin tones. To my delight they also made Exotic Orchid into a lacquer and Tropical Mandarin incorporates the same exquisite red-orange combo that is exactly what I need for my next pedicure.

The lacquers are formulated to apply evenly and smooth while protecting the nails and if you want your polish to match your lips then pairing the gloss with the lacquer looks quite trendy.

 The lacquers retail for $10.00 ea.

Creamy textures seem to be growing in popularity when it comes to eye shadow. The Mary Kay Whipped Eye Colors are available in 2 shades and are formulated to glide on smooth and blend seamlessly for crease-resistant, long-lasting color. The luminous shades can be built up from sheer to full coverage and they dry with a beautiful weightless texture and a non-flaky pearl finish.

Shade-Tiki Hut

When I first opened the jars the shadows looked quite solid but as I dipped a finger in I was pleasantly surprised at how luxuriously fluffy, soft and light the texture felt. Extracting the color is simple and the creamy, smooth texture blends onto the skin effortlessly and feels extremely velvety with a beautiful satin-shimmer finish. This is one of the best whipped eye shadow formulas I have come across and it takes very little to cover the entire eye area. The shadows retail for $18.00 ea.


It wouldn't feel like a tropical day in Aruba without some coconut and the lightweight body milk with coconut water fragrance delivers just that except it smells much better! The fragrance is so sweet and captivating that I want to bottle it as a body mist and use it all spring.

The lotion dispenses in a spray so you can spritz it all over and rub it in to quench parched skin in a light blanket of moisture. This is perfect for spring and summer when you may not want to cover yourself in heavy body butters and it absorbs very quickly with no greasy residue or stickiness. The body lotion retails for $18.00.

The limited edition Paradise Calling Collection is available until May 15th or while supplies last through independent consultants and online at 

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  1. Gorgeous makeup, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. Wow the pigmentation of the lacquers look so good! I've never tried Mary Kay products before.

    1. They have some great stuff, and the collections are getting better, you should check them out.

  3. I must be the sonly one in the beauty world who hasn't tried Mary Kay products. Are they like Avon, meaning they are sold through rep? Don't think I've seen them sold in the stores here, at least not that I've noticed.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hi Shireen,
      They are sold through reps but you can also get the products and collections online at- or .com. They are not available in stores but I've tried some fabulous products from the brand recently so it is definitely worth checking out!


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