Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anna Sui Lipstick G Review: Spring 2015 Flirting with Flutter Collection

If you like luminous shimmer and fresh spring hues then the new Lipstick G collection by Anna Sui is sure to satisfy your seasonal needs. The shooting star lipsticks are now available in a variety of flirty shades including:

*050 Glitter Silver- Sheer silver infused with sparkle
*051 Glitter Black- Sheer black with gunmetal shimmer
*350 Powder Pink- Soft luminous pink
*531 Paris Pink- Bubble gum pink with subtle shimmer
*532 Rose Pink- Sheer pink with coral shimmer
*650 Valencia- Sheer sparkly coral red
*850 Glitter Gold (sheer)

I am no stranger to Anna’s lipsticks, in fact I have reviewed them on my site before. What I like most about the line is the creamy, buttery texture because it provides supple hydration during the winter and a layer of protection when the weather warms up.  

The base of the lipstick is enriched with nourishing, botanicals that are blended into a smooth film to reflect light and provide a high-gloss finish for a touch of glitz. Vitamin C and antioxidants shield lips from free-radical damage while pearlescent particles provide a beautiful iridescent effect. Sweet almond, grape and fruit oils keep lips pouty, soft and moist with balm-like comfort.

650 Valencia

Once applied the glitter does not appear overwhelming or feel discernible and gritty but when you wipe off or smudge the color while eating and drinking the glitter disperses and tends to transfer which can get a bit messy if you don’t retouch.

The pigmentation shows up less vivid that it appears in the elaborate glass-like tubes but the colors can be enhanced from sheer to medium coverage for more intensity. The lipsticks are infused with Anna’s signature floral-perfume scent which may not be the most modern fragrance but the packaging design is edgy and fun.

352 Rose Pink

The shades I have- Rose Pink and Valencia are flattering and prismatic yet quite vibrant and the glitter adds a little extra glam to jazz up my everyday looks.

The lipsticks retail for $29.00 each and are available at select Shoppers Drug Marts, Pharmaprix, Murale and Hudson’s Bay.

*Press samples featured


  1. do you find the shape of the lipstick difficult to apply? it looks really fancy and pretty but I am just a little worried about the shape =P

    celly @ korean makeup and beauty blog

    1. No, I don't find the shape difficult to work with, it glides on quite nicely!


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