Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner Review

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t line my eyes and define their shape. There is just something beautiful about the way dark eye liner frames and accentuates the eyes to make them standout and appear more alluring. Adding a little wing on the end can enhance your eye makeup a bit more and a dramatic cat eye adds a touch of glam.

This month in Avon’s spring brochure my hidden gem product pick was the Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner which creates prominent bold lines. I love the slanted tip of this liner! It precisely delivers vivid, smudge-proof color for beautiful definition and long-lasting results. If you love the way liquid liner looks but don’t have much experience with application the marker design of the Mega Effects is easy to learn with and less messy to use. The formula is not too wet so you don’t get excess pooling that can distort your line and it has an ergonomic grip for control and comfort.

Unlike other felt tip liners that dry out quickly and produce faded lines this one is thoroughly soaked in the jet black formula. One swipe delivers the right amount of pigment and dries quickly allowing you trace the line a few times with no flaking. I've had no issues with the color running and my eye makeup stays intact all day!

The shape of the liner also allows for versatility so you can create a variety of effects. The flat surface is great for wide lines, the slant of the tip creates medium to thick lines and using the very point gives you ultra thinness and subtle contrast.

You can find the Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner at Avon.ca or through sales representatives, it retails for $10.00.

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  1. That is a perfect winged liner look! It reminds me a lot of markers =D Do you think it will be suitable for a humid weather, and last the whole day?

    Celly @ Beauty and Makeup Blog

    1. Glad you like the look! I am not sure how it will hold up in humidity as I have only tested it in cool temperatures but if you sweat a lot and its very hot you may need to retouch as with many products.

  2. Oh man! Liquid eye liner...who would've have known! This is exactly what I need...and I just put in an Avon order yesterday. I've been using the creme pencil...which works well, but I've been wanting to try different things. I also bought creme in a jar to try...so we'll see how that works! Great post!


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