Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie Eau De Parfum Spray

There are many celebrities who have released signature fragrances and although I have purchased several that were promoted by various well known artists, the charm of Hollywood and sexy advertising does not affect my perception of a particular scent. If I like something I often know after I take the first whiff and Outspoken Fresh by Fergie is a fabulous everyday perfume that would definitely catch my attention in a department store.

The scent captures the vibrancy of Fergie’s presence with the infusion of invigorating notes suitable for every occasion and event. Fergie describes Outspoken as “a bolder, vibrant fragrance that makes you feel energized and alive...with a colourful twist.”

The sleek yet simple aqua green bottle topped with a crystal-like cap resembles an intoxicating elixir and looks glamorous on a vanity table. I describe this scent as sweet, flirty, alluring and light with a touch of musk, citrus and floral undertones. All of the elements blend together very well and none of the notes are too pronounced or overwhelming. The fragrance is very crisp, modern and youthful and the slight muskiness adds depth and complexity which makes the perfume well rounded and very appealing.

The notes include:

*Sparking Citrus: a combination of bergamot, tangy grapefruit, juicy blood orange and mandarin.
*Blackcurrant: lush spring blossoms of magnolia and jasmine for sweetness.
*Sandalwood: delicate woody floral tones for smooth, sensual warmth.

As the day wears on the scent fades slightly and begins to smell even better as it works with your body chemistry. You can purchase Outspoken Fresh at Avon.ca or through independent consultants for $30.00.

*Press sample featured

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