Friday, June 26, 2015

Arbonne Cosmetics Review: Smoothed Over Lipsticks & Glossed Over Lip Gloss

Lipstick fanatics and gloss lovers be warned! Today’s review may leave you craving the luxurious, show-stopping new lip colors from Arbonne Cosmetics. When dressing up your summer outfits the perfect lipstick makes a bold, statement, brightens the complexion and evokes the same sense of confidence and style associated with strutting in sexy heels. With Arbonne it’s more than just gorgeous pigment and luscious lipstick, the products are also enriched with fabulous natural ingredients to pamper your pout!

I've seen Arbonne’s chic, embossed symbol before but I’ve just begun to discover the amazing variety of skin-safe, innovative products. If you are unfamiliar with the brand then you are in for a treat! Arbonne has been around for 35 years and each of their products contain carefully selected, botanical based ingredients that are rigorously tested for excellence. They are also free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, by-products and artificial flavors. The company has a fabulous independent consultant program and a strong dedication to health and wellness.

The new Smoothed Over lipsticks are available in 16 exciting new shades that range from nude, subtle, bright, deep and sultry to match all your moods. The packaging is simple yet sophisticated and the formula is buttery, lavishly smooth and infused with: watermelon extract, apple extract, meadowfoam, jojoba, mango butter and flower extract.



The rich formula is ultra creamy which I love because of the fluid way it glides across the lips without any pull and blankets the skin in gorgeous, vivid pigment. The extracts also produce a volumizing effect and the butters and oils deeply nourish for long-lasting hydration.



The pigmentation can easily go from playful and light to full-coverage glam with a hint of brilliant shine for a satin-gloss finish. There is also a selection of durable, smudge-proof, creamy lip liners in complimentary hues should you desire full-impact, professional results and more definition. 


~Shades from left to right: Flora, Guava, Camellia, Hibiscus and Peony~

My favorite shade is Hibiscus because it is flattering on most complexions and the beautiful coral tones are perfect for the season. Since the lipsticks are very soft and creamy they do tend to sweat. I recommend storing them in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving them in the car or sun. I also make sure my lips are exfoliated and smooth prior to application and using a lip primer helps prolong the color and enhance the finish although it is not required as they can produce up to 6 hours or wear. The lipsticks retail for $28.00 each and the liners are $24.00.

When you lust for sexy shine the gloss provides a soft, alluring finish with a boost of plant extracts fruit oils and peptides to quench parched skin. The non-sticky, lush formula also has a smooth, creamy consistency without being too thick and it glides on for instant hydration and sumptuous color!

I never shy away from vibrant, punchy hues and I love that the gloss isn’t too tame for my taste. They provide the perfect amount of pigment- not bold enough to straddle the line of lacquers but not translucent, flat or boring either. They beautifully reflect light, amp up dull skin and there is a shade for every season. The brush applicator delivers just the right amount of gloss and depending on the color you can go from translucent to medium coverage or wear them over lipsticks for an extra blast of supple moisture. The gloss retails for $24.00 each.

 You can find Arbonne Cosmetics by clicking HERE

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  1. Do I need more lipsticks? The answer is no but omg, these lipsticks are so pretty! Hibiscus and Flora is stunning!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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