Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Loreal OleoTherapy Sulfate-Free System Review

For those who love the healing, nutritive benefits of luxurious oils the OleoTherapy system by Loreal will help keep your tresses bouncy and tame during your summer expeditions in chlorine pools, salty oceans and under harsh UV rays. It also works fabulously when the drying winter winds strike making it a treatment that protects your locks all year round!

I am no stranger when it comes to Loreal’s sulfate-free collections, in fact I have been using the Intense Nourishing range for years and the shampoo is by far my favorite! The products work wonders for me because they don’t contain harsh cleansing agents that strip hair and remove all the beneficial, natural oils that reinforce and protect. For those trying to repair dry, splitting, brittle hair or recuperate from coloring and heat damage, mild cleansers help maintain resiliency without further breakage. The Oleo range is also void of harsh salts and parabens.

The products in this line are infused with natural botanicals and 6 flower oils that replenish and help rough, frail hair fibers recover their natural health and shine. Although the shampoo is sulfate-free it thoroughly eliminates stubborn product build-up and lathers well to refresh and clean. 

The Oleo Shampoo provides more of a squeaky clean compared to the EverCream products which actually soften after shampooing but this one gets the job done without  much moisture loss. The scent is very warm and pleasant without a heavy perfume aroma and the oils in the formula don’t linger or create a thick coating.

The conditioner helps restore that coveted silky texture we all aim for with a blast of rich creamy hydration. I like that it covers every strand making detangling a breeze! I usually apply the conditioner from my ears down, comb and then pin my hair up while continuing my shower. Rinsing just before I step out gives the lush formula extra time to heat up in the steam and penetrate more efficiently for a deeper treatment. After use my hair looks healthier, feels softer and more moisturized. The line also includes a deep recovery mask which I have yet to try.

To enhance the effects of the treatment process the self-heating hot oil is a great addition to your weekly, biweekly or monthly hair maintenance routine depending on how often you need it. Each box comes with 4 ampoules that instantly warm up to nourish damaged hair prior to cleansing and conditioning or as a pre-shampoo treatment as I prefer. The oil has a light texture and upon application my hair feels instantly replenished and improved! The directions instruct that you leave it on for 1-3 mins although I usually let it soak in for about 20-30 mins, cover my hair with a plastic cap and apply heat from my blow dryer as the oil tends not to warm up very much on its own. Although you can rinse the oil out with just water I prefer to do it before shampooing so that it washes out completely and I can apply the leave-in oil without overdoing it with product.

The Perfecting Oil is also non-greasy and adds the finishing touches to all your fabulous styles. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and helps soften and protect with a luminous, shiny finish. You can use it to smooth flyaways, tame frizz and improve texture and it works great after flat ironing for a sleek effect. For curly hair it helps neaten unruly spirals and works well with other leave-in products. I like that the formula isn’t heavy or sticky and just 1-2 pumps is usually all I need!

The shampoo and conditioner retail for about $9.99 and the treatments are about $14.99. You can find the system at drugstores and mass market retailers across Canada. 

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