Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ombrelle Sunscreen 50+ UVA & UVB Weightless Body Lotion

Lounging by the pool, bike riding through the park, backyard barbecues and soaking up some sun at the beach or cottage is what summer is all about but sunscreen is a must when enjoying the great outdoors. When it comes to formulas I prefer subtle scents, lightweight textures and creams that prevents excess shine so my skin doesn’t look greasy or sweaty as the day heats up. Although I travel a lot and face UV exposure frequently many sunscreens tend to clog my pores and cause severe itching, irritation and occasional redness. Thankfully Garnier has released a new broad-spectrum formulation for sensitive skin and quick absorption.

The new Ombrelle Advanced Sunscreen provides SPF 50+ protection to shield against both UVA and UVB which is important when choosing a lotion as UVA can also penetrate deeply. This hypoallergenic cream is lightweight, fragrance-free and doesn’t coat the skin in a sticky, thick residue or that awful white film. The finish is quite matte and although the active ingredients still give off a slight sunscreen scent it isn’t as overwhelming as others I’ve come across.

With up to 80 mins of water resistance you can say yes to that beach volleyball game or splash around in the pool with confidence that you have a reliable barrier between you and painful sunburn and when packing your beach bag this season sunscreen should be at the top of your list!

Kids love to play outside with no awareness of how damaging exposure can be so before they build sandcastles and play tag layer on the 50+ sunscreen formulated specifically for their sensitive skin. This lotion has the same non-irritating formula, water resistance and broad-spectrum protection so the whole family can enjoy summer safely.

Both sunscreens retail for $19.99 each at drugstores and mass market retailers so make sure to stock up for Canada's Day tomorrow and July 4th! 

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  1. non-sticky and lightweight is super important! it gets so humid here, and wearing sunscreen can be so uncomfortable if it's heavy.


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