Monday, June 15, 2015

Strauss WaterBar Review

As a beauty writer I spend a lot of time reviewing fabulous makeup and skincare products to help women look and feel great but today it’s time to talk about one of the most important elements of health and wellness- water, the liquid of life! Many of you are already aware of how essential water consumption is to our well being. Our bodies are comprised of 65% of it making it vital to biological functioning, elimination of toxins, circulation, the transportation of nutrients, digestion, organ function and healthy skin, hair and nails. Strauss WaterBar has designed a chic new machine that makes getting your daily dose of hydration quick, safe and easier than ever!

The Strauss Waterbar is a stylish dispenser that hooks up to your main waterline to deliver a never ending supply of cool, clean water at the touch of a button. This system eliminates 99% of bacteria making it cleaner than tap water and even healthier than some bottled options! Unlike other filtration systems the WaterBar can be programmed to your individual needs by simply adjusting the temperature and glass size. It instantly dispenses boiling water for cooking and delicious hot beverages like coffee and tea.

For those who like to hit the gym, run, cycle and pump iron having a source of rejuvenating water on-hand is key to replenishing your joints, muscles and energy level. I like to take my water bottle everywhere I go and I often keep it at my desk to refuel throughout a long day. The WaterBar makes a great addition to an office work space and comes in handy when hosting parties and events.  

This innovate new appliance may be the way of the future, it takes healthy living to the next level and there are a variety of striking designs to match your decor. One of the best features is that there is no wait time for great tasting cold or hot water and no refrigeration or boiling is necessary. The sleek, trendy unit and easy to use features makes the WaterBar fun for the whole family while inspiring everyone to drink more and stay hydrated! You can quickly fill a glass, jug or water bottle, hydrate your pets, water your plants and use it to wash your face to avoid absorbing the harsh elements in unfiltered water.

I love that the company installs the WaterBar for you and they even keep track of your filter usage and UV light to automatically send new ones when it’s time for a change. I usually purchase my reverse osmosis water from a special water store and the jugs are large, cumbersome and heavy! This system eliminates the need to leave your home for fresh, chlorine-free water or filters and it may save you time and money.

With summer upon us it is even more imperative to stay cool, quench your thirst and prevent dehydration. This filtration system eliminates dangerous micro-organisms without stripping the beneficial minerals the body needs. It is also more energy efficient than a kettle, environmentally safe, and child-friendly with a hot water safety lock.

Right now infused water and tonics are all the rage and clean water is the base for smoothies and all fruity concoctions. While testing the fabulous WaterBar I also indulged in some delicious herbal-fruit recipes loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. 

No need to buy expensive, organic fruit drinks or use bland, artificially sweetened power crystals to flavor your water when you can make it right at home! With the WaterBar you can get creative and try something new everyday! By simply adding fruit puree and a bit of cold water from the machine you end up with a delectably refreshing drink that energizes you for the day ahead.

Rental plans are available and for more information or to contact Strauss visit:

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