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Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Rides & Lifting V Shaping Care

I have tried and tested many beauty products to find fabulous formulas and I will admit to using creams and serums for women much older than me and for correcting skin issues I don’t yet have. Call it good genes, vigilant skincare or sheer luck but I’m happy to report that preventative measures do work and I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles. Be that as it may I cater to women of all ages here on my blog and Yves Rocher is a brand that paves the way to healthier skin with innovative new creations and the power of natural extracts.

The new Serum Vegetal Collection takes advantage of the skin’s ability to absorb key ingredients by optimizing the assimilation of active botanicals that benefit and recharge the cells. You can think of this range as food for the skin, infused with a powerful extract from the Ice Plant- also called the Life Plant which is used for its ability to deeply penetrate and fortify the skin.

Yves Rocher uses responsibly sourced natural ingredients from around the globe to bring you the most intensely effective extracts, herbs, vitamins and antioxidants for the health of your complexion.

The Ice Plant originates in the South African Desert and is known for its ability to adapt and survive in extreme conditions. It has an enhanced ability to repair, grow and thrive in harsh environments making it a natural anti-wrinkle treatment that reactivates cellular mechanisms. The extract is suitable for all skin types and meets the needs of every woman including: radiance, firmness and lifting.

Ice Plant
*Photo by Dan L. Perlman, source: Ecolibrary pg DP266

The Wrinkles & Lifting range includes:
*V Shaping Serum
*Wrinkles & Lifting Supra Life Mask
*Lifting Eye Cream
*Day Cream
*Night Cream

The day cream has an oil-free, light, velvety texture made with 89% natural ingredients that work well under makeup to prevent the buildup of excess shine and oil throughout the day. It moisturizes and eradicates dryness with hyaluronic acid to leave skin soft, supple and silky with a faint luminous finish and no residue. It also works to enhance collagen and elasticity which reduces skin slackening and the look of wrinkles. The entire collection has a very strong perfume-like fragrance but the scent is quite pleasant and tends to dissipate with wear. The day cream retails for $58.00.

The Night cream is considerably thicker and richer, similar to a corrective overnight mask that can be applied over the face and neck for intense hydration, softness and sculpting. It eradicates dry, flaky patches and deeply nourishes with a formula free of oils, artificial colorants and parabens so you wake to healthy, radiant looking skin! (Retail price: $58.00)

Although the moisturizers do a great job keeping your skin dewy and conditioned Yves Rocher didn’t stop there, they enhanced the effectiveness of the collection with the Wrinkles & Lifting Mask that comes with a massaging brush to plump cheeks, contour the face, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase firmness. The brush also acts like a micro-exfoliant that instantly boosts the complexion with soy oil, cornflower water, seed extracts and organic shea butter. To use: simply apply the mask to cheeks, the entire outline of the face and under the chin in a upwards motion and rinse with water after 5 mins. (Retail price: $37.00)

The Serum can be used on its own or with the night cream before bed to improve and magnify the lifting, toning and anti-aging effects. It envelops skin in a light film of moisture to restore and revive resiliency. (Retail price: $58.00)

Proper skincare would not be complete without a great eye cream and this regenerating formula is refreshing, hydrating and lifting for a more youthful, rested appearance, it retails for $44.00.

This line along with the Wrinkles & Radiance Collection and the Wrinkles & Firmness range is available at Yves Rocher stores and at

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