Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getaway to Montreal Quebec!

Since my last trip to The South of France and the Italian Riviera I’ve been searching the map and travel books for my next exotic getaway! It seems like I’m always planning a new adventure and although turbulence totally freaks me out I love discovering new places! Until we decide on our next destination we took a short trip to Montreal which is a city I love visiting! The French-Canadian fusion and old European charm offers a different experience than your average day in Toronto and it's only a 50 min flight! Below are a few of my photos.

Browsing the streets of Old Montreal.

You can enjoy a tour of the city on a romantic horse and carriage ride!

Guess who I met at the Montreal Pier...Rick Genest! Just kidding, this is an amazing life-like, wax statue of him promoting the museum.

I love having dinner or lunch in Old Montreal, you can enjoy a meal lounging on the street patios while taking in the sights, sounds and performances!

I don't know why I feel the need to have pizza everywhere I go but the variety in Montreal is delicious and dare I saw generally better than Toronto's. Although poutine is the dish to be had in Quebec the French Onion Soup is not to be missed either!

I have been to a few versions of the Notre-Dame Basilica including the one in Paris but Montreal's is a must-see!

Mount Royal boasts stunning views of the city and there and many scenic hiking trails if you like to walk, jog or bike. 

Until next time Montreal!

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