Thursday, August 20, 2015

MICRO Pedi Review

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm I often wear open-toe shoes and embrace sandal season with cute, strappy heels. Although I love my fall boots there is something freeing about showing off my bright, trendy polish and comfy summer styles. Since sexy heels look best when feet are healthy pedicure machines have become very popular and the MICRO Pedi was voted product of the year in 2014!

I will admit to not pampering my feet as much as I should but I don’t always have time to pumice, soak, scrape and manually rub away layers of stubborn skin. I love that the MICRO Pedi is lightweight and super easy to use so it fits right into your weekly beauty routine! The device buffs away roughness, calluses, and peeling, flaky skin so you can show-off your feet with confidence! In just seconds it improves the look of stripped heels and tired soles with flex+ rollers that spin 30 times per second!

The exfoliating rollers are designed to work around the contours of the feet so you can reach all your problem areas quickly, painlessly and efficiently for smoother, softer skin. With any type of exfoliation you shouldn’t overdo it and to prevent soreness the MICRO Pedi automatically turns off if you press too hard. The exfoliator sloughs away coarse skin into a fine powder so there is no stripping and I can feel and see the difference right away! 

I also like that the machine comes with two rollers for individualized, salon quality results. The micro-mineral roller has a fine texture for general use and the extreme coarse roller is great for harder skin that is difficult to remove. You can also interchange them during your treatment as some areas of the foot are softer and more sensitive. The refills retail from $16.99-$19.99 for a 2 pack.

Extreme coarse roller

The device also helps improve the efficiency of my nourishing foot creams and oils for lasting suppleness and less peeling. If you love high heels but hate those unsightly calluses the device diminishes tough, dry patches so you can kick off those shoes and enjoy warm summer days lounging by the pool.

The MICRO Pedi is water-proof and uses 2 AA batteries, it also comes with a cleaning brush and instruction booklet. Since frequent salon treatments can add up, owning this machine can actually save you money and it is convenient for use at home or during travel. If your feet need some work then you definitely need this machine, I don't know what I did without it! The MICRO Pedi makes a fabulous gift for both men and women and you can purchase it online by clicking HERE, it retails for $49.99. 

Check out the demonstration video below!

Press sample featured.

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