Monday, August 31, 2015

The Body Shop The Voyage Collection: Italian Summer Fig

When I went to Italy I fell in love with the culture, architecture and food. Touring the winding streets of Venice, gazing at the beautiful cathedrals in Rome and driving along the Italian Riviera this May was a dream come true! Inspired by the scenic Italian coast, invigorating ocean mist and ripe, delectable fruit the Summer Fig Collection smells wonderful and reminds me of my travels.

This sweet, summery fragrance evokes images of a sprawling orchid abundant with succulent, ripe figs and a seductive woody essence. The delicious figs are picked at the height of the season to bring out their vivid aromatic freshness which blends beautifully with the rich nuttiness. The top notes include: crisp grape leaves, crocus and rose for a delicate floral element and sensual amber and oak for sophistication and femininity.

I love the chic green bottle that beautifully represents nature and the Italian Coast with a cute modern twist!

This is a great everyday scent and although it is sweet, fruity and refreshing it isn’t too sugary or potent so it fades nicely as you go about your day. You can also pick up subtle hints of the oak which gives the aroma a little something extra for more depth and allure. Since The Body Shop uses quality ingredients I can detect some of the natural elements as the notes combine to create a soft, inviting bouquet. The perfume retails for $28.00.

This delightful scent also comes as a body mist and the notes are bursting with the same intensity as the perfume. I prefer the Eau de Toilette because I love the bottle but the mist is also fabulous for the season and retails for just $15.00. You can also get the shower gel and body lotions in this scent and the other collections include: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Fijian Water Lotus, Atlas Mountain Rose and Indian Night Jasmine to suit your moods, style and preference.

You can pick up the Voyage Collection this September in stores and online.

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  1. So jealous you got to visit Italy earlier this year! This new range seems fantastic.



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