Monday, August 24, 2015

Rocia Skincare Review

While searching for great skincare reading labels helps ensure you are getting sufficient amounts of beneficial ingredients. Many brands recognize the value of quality formulas but some only add miniscule amounts of active nutrients which can lead to delayed results. Rocia is a Canadian brand that prides itself on delivering natural skincare, body care and makeup that is safe, effective clinically proven and intensely nourishing. Their collection is free of parbens, colorants, dyes, preservatives and fragrance with vegan and gluten-free formulas.

The Mixer Masque comes as loose glacial marine and kaolin clay granules that you mix with water, yogurt or mineral water to form a detoxifying, rich mineral paste. It cleanses disinfects and exfoliates with potent antioxidants, vitamins, antiseptics and conditioning agents. The nourishing ingredients include: sandalwood, green tea, seaweed and mango for an invigorating treatment that draws out impurities and leaves skin feeling revitalized and fresh! Clay masks can be quite messy and since this one is a dry powder requiring mixing I found it to be even more so. The scent is a bit raw and not particularly my cup of tea but since I rinse it off in 10-15 mins the smell isn’t a deal breaker. It retails for $18.00.

For dehydrated, parched skin the Hydrate Moisturizer provides a light, silky layer of botanicals and organic extracts to condition, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity. Like the masque it also has many anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, regenerative and antiseptic properties which can be beneficial for sensitive, mature and acne prone skin. The ingredient list for this cream is very impressive it includes: lavender, vanilla, bergamot, vitamin E, shea butter, olive oil, grapefruit, avocado, radish root, mushroom, oil and more! Due to the natural elements and lack of fragrance I find the scent a bit spicy but if you are looking for a moisturizer infused with the best nature has to offer then this product may be for you!  It retails for $35.00.

If you prefer to moisturize with natural oil and layer it under face cream for intense suppleness the Quench Extra Hydration Oil is great! This lush formula pampers with potent skin softening agents, vitamin E, antioxidants, emollients and anti-aging components with a bit of UV protection. I prefer to apply the oil before bed so it works as I snooze and I wake to dewy, supple skin! It retails for $22.00.

I never go to bed without applying my eye cream since I battle dark circles on a daily basis. The Soufflé is gentle and helps diminish the look of pigmentation, lines, and puffiness. I love that the formula doesn’t burn and it has a nice lightweight consistency that revitalizes the look of tired eyes for a brighter, more youthful appearance. Like all products from this brand the ingredient list contains a long list of impressive natural extracts rich in antioxidants and skin loving components that are ideal for quick results. It retails for $27.00.

Environmental elements can wreak havoc on your skin and with cooler temperatures around the corner the Gardener’s Glove Hand Therapy is a great purse essential. With a fresh botanical scent the formula is packed with nourishing oils including: rose, apricot, carrot, shea, geranium, olive and more to heal rough, cracked skin and relieve discomfort. The cream also moisturizes brittle, stripping nails and damaged cuticles for youthful, soft hands that will inspire you to show off that cute mani! The hand cream retails for $20.00

Overall I enjoyed this line and I appreciate the organic quality. Although the products are quite small they seem highly concentrated so you can use less to achieve a radiant complexion. Check out Rocia on their website by clicking HERE.

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