Sunday, September 11, 2016

Face Off Makeup Remover Cloth Review

It’s time to tackle a task many of us dread, especially after a long, tiring day. I’m referring to makeup removal – the process of trying to dislodge and annihilate full-coverage foundation, long-lasting lip color and waterproof liner. Although it is a total drag, maintaining healthy skin is imperative so I’m always searching for products that make the job easier.

I was contacted by the good people at Face Off about a product that seemed too good to be true! A plain, white cloth capable of removing all face and eye makeup with just warm water!? This I had to try.

When it comes makeup removal I usually use a wipe, emulsifying cream, eye makeup remover, cleansing oil, face wash, toner and occasionally an exfoliant. I know that seems like a lot but I make sure to get every last trace to de-clog my pores and prevent breakouts. This cloth is designed to be reused up to 4 months and it eliminates the need for harsh cleansers.

To use you simply wet the cloth with warm water and start removing! There are no chemicals or any type of liquid cleanser soaked into the material so it is safe for sensitive skin. The texture of the fabric does not feel like your average washcloth, in fact it is quite soft and unique. Instead of merely wetting and spreading around foundation, the cloth has gripping fibers which allows it to gently grab and wipe away all makeup without smearing. This actually makes the cloth more efficient than most disposable wipes and it doesn’t burn or irritate. It removes virtually everything on your face and leaves skin soft and fresh! It is also gets the job done much quicker since you don’t need several different products and it even loosens crunchy mascara, liner and eye shadow while exfoliating. Because you are simply using water, there is no dryness from soap ingredients and it gets rid of excess oil, dirt and blemish causing impurities.

I was very skeptical at first but I will admit that this cloth is pretty darn amazing! I don’t know if it is the best option for travel since it does take some time to completely dry and after a workout at the gym you would have to pack a damp cloth in your bag. For home use however it is convenient and maybe a bit more eco friendly.

The big drawback came when it was time to clean the cloth which is recommended after each use. Foundation contains oil and all that black liner and mascara is a bit difficult to get rid of even with soap. Just like your brushes or sponge applicators, the cloth will become stained so the time and effort I conserved removing my makeup became redundant when I had to spend a considerable amount of time soaping, lathering and rinsing the cloth before I hung it up to dry. I don’t know if I’d want to go through that every night but it is a great option if you aren't a fan of traditional wipes. The cloth is machine washable but avoid fabric softener to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

If you want to avoid harsh soaps and maybe save some money (depending on your beauty routine), then you will probably like this. Despite the clean-up I think it is a great product! The cloth retails for $12.95 and you can check out the website by clicking HERE.

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