Monday, September 19, 2016

Yes to Coconut Skincare Review

Mondays suck, so sit back, relax and dream about the beach as the tropical sent of coconut soothes your senses.

I've noticed the "Say Yes" Skincare Collection numerous times over the last few years but never really tested it until now. It also includes: Yes to cucumbers, tomatoes, grapefruit and carrots which sounds more like a delicious summer spread from the produce section!  

The products are 98% natural, safe for sensitive skin and loaded with amazing ingredients that pamper the complexion. This particular range has a delicious coconut scent with lush textures that rejuvenate and rehydrate parched skin without nasty parabens or silicones.

The Ultimate Hydrating Cleanser is also infused with chia seed oil, avocado, olive, banana, hibiscus and guava to deeply nourish and moisturize while gently rinsing away dirt, makeup and excess oil. Because this organic cream contains no soap, it doesn’t lather, bubble or suds-up which makes it feel more like an emulsifying product. It may take a couple washes to really de-clog and refresh my pores but it gets the job done. I like that the gentle formula doesn’t leave my skin tight, dry or greasy but I usually follow up with a hydrating toner to absorb the last traces of residue. If you experience sensitivity or irritation to sulfates and harsh additives, you may want to give this a try, it retails for $9.99.

The Hydrate and Restore Facial Mask treats super thirsty skin with a blast of creamy moisture. The texture is similar to the cleanser – lightweight, non-greasy and rich with an infusion of avocado oil which is among my favorite skin conditioning ingredients for supple results. Along with coconut (obviously) there is a long list of incredible natural ingredients including honey, sunflower, aloe and tons of flower extracts and nourishing oils. I like to use moisture masks after detoxifying with clay or mud treatments that tend to harden into a tight cast. They are also great after exposure to extreme climates and outdoor activity to help reinforce layers of hydration and softness while restoring dry, cracked skin. The mask retails for $16.99.

I’ve been seeing pumpkins and Halloween costumes in all the stores which means cooler weather is upon us. Soon it will be time to step up your body care game with extra layers of moisture and the Head-To-Toe Hydrating Balm will help maintain that silky glow. This balm smells good enough to eat (but don’t) and the solid, ultra rich texture is a savior for dry, cracked, uncomfortable skin that needs a little extra care. It spreads easily and melts in with a hint of shine and minimal grease or residue. This stuff takes care of your driest, roughest areas including hands, heels cuticles, elbows and knees. It retails for $15.99.

These products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart

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  1. I've tried some of their products, but haven't seen the coconut until now. Thanks for the heads up!


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