Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kismet Essentials Coconut Rinse Oil Pulling Kit Review

We live in a digital world obsessed with seflies and where every moment is plastered on social media, so it’s no wonder that teeth whitening has become so popular. I have tried several mainstream whitening kits from the drugstore and each time the experience has been quite painful. Many of these products contain harsh ingredients that have irritated my gums and people who’ve had braces know that you need to maintain the integrity of the permanent wire glued to the back of your teeth which keeps them in place for the rest of your life!

When Kismet contacted me to try their Coco Rinse I was excited. Finally an all-natural, organic option with many other health benefits! I should start by explaining what “oil pulling” is because I have only just begun to learn about it myself. This ancient practice involves swishing natural coconut oil in your mouth to draw out toxins and bacteria from the body.

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We all know that coconut oil is a "super food" with amazing health benefits but I had no idea it could be so powerful for oral health! Other benefits include:
*Whiter teeth
*Fresh breath
*Improved digestion
*Reduced headaches
*Clean tongue and mouth
*Improved immune system
*Healthy gums and reduced plaque
*Clear skin and less acne
*Cures tooth decay
*Heals bleeding gums and prevents cavities
*Soothes dry throat and mouth
*Heals cracked lips
*Balances hormones

Kismet is a Canadian company that uses environmentally friendly cold-pressed coconut which is ethically sourced. Their kits contain 14 single use packets for $22.99 or a monthly subscription for $25.99. To use, simply tear or snip the sachet, swish the oil in your mouth for 15-20 mins, spit and smile!

At first the texture of the rinse takes a bit of getting use to but it has a mild fresh mint flavor and doesn’t sting the way a mouth wash might. The treatment is not painful and I like knowing that no harmful substances are being absorbed into my body.

The process is quite easy but the most difficult part for me is keeping the rinse in my mouth for the recommended time which is a bit lengthy. As you gargle more saliva is naturally produced which (as gross as this may sound) fills your mouth with a lot of liquid. To counteract this I gently swish the oil a few times every minute instead of continuously and increase gargling a minute or two before spit time. I also found that occupying time during treatment rather than waiting idly makes it seem quicker and easier. Watch TV, read or check Instagram to pass time. The box instructs you to brush after use and avoid spitting down the sink as oil can clog drains. I’ll leave disposal techniques to you but I simply spit in the garbage.

I’ve been using the treatment for over a week now and so far so good. To achieve a pearly smile I may need to continue for a while since results don't happen overnight but I do notice visible improvement, especially when used with my regular whitening toothpaste. If you're wondering why you couldn't just go out and buy a tub of coconut oil to try this, you have a point but you'd have to make sure the oil is organic, spend time melting it when it hardens into a solid and measure the perfect dose. I don't know about you but all that extra work would make me less likely to do it, especially on a regular basis and after a long, tiring day. The convenience of the kit also makes it much easier to continue treatment during travel. I would recommend a bit more mint flavor and maybe packaging that is easier to tear open but the experience has inspired me to incorporate more coconut oil in my life from now on!

Since the process detoxifies and rids the body of bacteria, I think it is totally worth it so I keep the packets by my toothbrush as a reminder.

You can visit the website by clicking HERE

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