Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW Skincare from Marcelle

While browsing the drugstore you may have noticed that Marcelle has released a few new items you can incorporate into your beauty routine for clean, healthy looking skin. I’ve been using the brand for years and if you haven’t checked out their unique lipsticks I highly recommend doing so!

The first thing I do after a fun night out or a long day of press events and meetings is change into something comfy and start removing my makeup before I hit the shower. Habitually I grab for the makeup wipes first and Marcelle's ultra gentle, biodegradable cloths are soft enough for sensitive skin. The thick, plush material is infused with a hypoallergenic micellar solution that contains no alcohol or perfume and helps eradicate waterproof formulas, sunscreen, long-wear foundation, dirt, excess oil and impurities without causing dryness. There are 25 wipes per pack retailing for $12.95.

Eye makeup remover is a must since I love to pack on the high-impact pigments, bold liner and layers of mascara which can be a nightmare to remove. This 3-in-1 formula cleanses to soak off shadow and waterproof makeup with the added bonus of softening the eye contour and reducing bags! Aloe Vera helps soothe and calm irritation which I need after soaking off all that crunchy mascara and I love the benefit of an extra eye treatment before bed! You can pick it up for $13.95.

Next I break out my Clarisonic brush and squirt on some of the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel to rinse away pore clogging irritants. The lather is quite mild so if you still have traces of foundation or oil build-up, you may not see foaming action right away. I always do an initial wash to eliminate the oil barrier naturally produced by the skin and a second wash to deep cleanse. Because the gel does not contain any harsh skin stripping soaps, parabens or perfume, you won’t experience that dry, tight feeling. This large bottle retails for $12.95.

When I need to improve my skin texture and polish-up I use an exfoliant. The new Hydra-C Daily Radiance Scrub is infused with vitamins C & E to refresh, gently slough away dead surface cells, soften and brighten. The micro-fine beads provide very gentle, non abrasive exfoliation more suitable for regular use. I prefer to use it on clean, dry skin as the beads seem less effective on a wet slippery surface and I don’t get enough friction. The scrub retails for $12.95 and you can also pick up the Hydra C Eye Cream for $24.95 to treat dark circles and bags.

I always end with layers of moisture but the new Lumi Power Gel is very lightweight and more suitable for day wear, under makeup and for oily or combination skin. The invigorating, fast absorbing formula is great for an active lifestyle and the infusion of anti-aging ingredients, hyaluronic acid and plant sugars mildly hydrates, brightens to boost your glow and smooths to diminish fine lines. Although I usually prefer a lot more moisture from my creams, this makes a nice, non-greasy base and retails for $24.95.

The best thing about this brand is that they always consider sensitive skin and incorporate ingredients that enhance your skin’s natural beauty without causing flare-ups. You can find Marcelle at drugstores including Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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