Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lancome La Nuit Trésor ~ Perfume Review

It’s that time of year again! The biggest Hollywood stars are walking the red carpet to celebrate the Toronto International Film Festival. The city is buzzing with excitement and I plan to attend some fabulous parties this week. To help put the finishing touch on my glamorous outfits and bold makeup, I use La Nuit Trésor which evokes the scent of a sultry night out.

The unique black diamond bottle adorned with a delicate fabric rose makes a stunning vanity focal point and the sharp geometric angles and multi-tone gradient is edgy and elegant.

This magical scent inspired by falling stars represents a love potion and potent aphrodisiac that brings forth the seductive dark side of the rose. The intoxicating blend smells expensive and alluring to embellish a woman’s sophistication, provocativeness and power. The top note is comprised of mysterious black rose essence with heart notes of creamy vanilla orchid and base notes of warm patchouli and lychee praline. You may also pick up hints of bergamot, passion fruit, strawberry and caramel which provide a hint of mild sweetness without being too sugary.

As I spray this delightful scent I’m surrounded by waves of each delectable ingredient which seem to transform throughout the day for a unique sensory experience. Each time it wafts around me I pick up on different notes including whispers of passion fruit or berry that fade into a dreamy sweetness. Other times the aroma is very warm and soothing with a pronounced vanilla-caramel essence balanced with a dark undertone that is perfect for a crisp winter day. The fragrance also seems to smell differently based on the individual wearing it and I absolutely love its long lasting vibrancy.

If you need a great perfume suitable for every occasion this is a great option! The 50 ml bottle featured here retails for $108.00 and there are several sizes to choose from. Lancome is available at department sore counters and online at

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