Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Avon True Color Glossy Tube Lip Gloss Review

Now that spring is finally in full-swing and summer is just around the corner you may want to take a break from heavy lipstick and lighten things up with sheer, juicy gloss. When I prefer something simple I toss a couple Glossy Tubes in my tote for supple, radiant lips.

Although the colors appear vivid the tint is very subtle with a high-shine translucent finish. The reflective effect makes lips appear plump and healthy plus the formula clings to skin for long lasting hydration. As the gloss gradually wears away, lips continue to feel soft, smooth and nourished. 

The fun squeeze tubes remind me of products I used as a teen and the sweet candy sent is nice. Since the gloss is allergy tested it should be safe for sensitive skin and the oil-free formula is also enriched with vitamins to alleviate and replenish.

I like to use these during long flights or harsh weather because the creamy consistency holds up well in dry environments and creates a moist, soothing layer that I don’t have to touch-up or reapply very often. The only time I do notice a bit of stickiness is when my lips come in contact with something but the gloss feels comfortable and stays put.

The Glossy Tubes retail for $6.00 each and Avon is available through independent consultants and at avon.ca.

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