Monday, April 17, 2017

Essence Cosmetics Long Lasting Lip Liner & New Long Lasting Lipstick Shades

When applying lipstick on-the-go I often glide the color on quickly (with or without a mirror), shove the tube back in my purse and get on with my busy day. When I’m aiming for precision and a neat, professional finish I break out the lip liner. Since I have an extensive range of lipsticks I need a decent selection of liners and the Long Lasting Collection by essence includes a beautiful variety of shades that match well with many popular lip colors for just $2.99 each!

The liners seem to last as long as my lipstick does and tend to transfer or wear away with eating and drinking. I love that I don’t need a sharpener (because who has time) and the creamy formula glides along effortlessly to accentuate your pout and create a sharp, sexy outline. The finishes are matte with no glitter or shine to worry about and it’s easy to create definition, prevent color from bleeding and emphasize your cupid’s bow. I also use my favorite shades to entirely fill in my lips and they pair well with the brand’s new matte lipsticks which you can read about by clicking HERE.

The bestselling Long Lasting Lipsticks are now available in a few more deep and neutral shades. If you like creamy, vivid pigment and brilliant shine then look no further. This formula is lightweight, moisturizing and comfortable with sheer to medium coverage. The texture is quite glossy so for better adhesion and longer wear, make sure your lips are oil-free and do not mix with balm. You may have to layer the color precisely in some areas to achieve better consistency but for just $3.49 they are pretty and affordable!

Swatches left to right: lip liners - Sweetheart, Ready for Red, Yummy Berry, Girl's Dream, Become a Game Changer and Berry on my Mind. Lipsticks - 27, 26 and 21

Essence is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Ulta Beauty in the U.S.

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