Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spa Day with Masque Bar by Look Beauty, 7th Heaven & Bliss

Nothing replenishes the skin like a nourishing mask and today I'm featuring a great selection for the face, eyes, hands and feet created by a few brands I’ve been using for years.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and their treatments are an effective way to target different skin concerns with potent active ingredients. I use the Brightening Mask to help lift my tan and revert back to my natural skin tone after vacationing in the tropics. It also corrects dark spots, balances and hydrates without the use of bleach making it safe for all complexions. The Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is formulated to smooth bumps, eliminate excess oil and purify irritated skin while the Pore Refining Crème is loaded with antioxidants and Coenzyme Q-10. The Wrinkle Reducing Sheet is great for a Mother’s Day gift basket - infused with collagen it helps soften, diminish lines, hydrate and refresh. The masks retail for $9.99 each.

It’s almost sandal season so pamper your feet with a rejuvenating treatment and fresh pedi. The Exfoliating Foot Mask eradicates rough skin and smooths calluses within 2 weeks. Simply slip your feet into the socks, let the formula soak in for 60-90 minutes and in a few days all the dead skin will start to peel away revealing the soft, healthy skin underneath. The mask retails for $9.99.

I use an eye cream every night but they tend to work best overtime with repeated use. For immediate results I pop on some eye masks to lighten dark circles, minimize puffiness, smooth and brighten in just one treatment.

For dry, rough hands the new 7th Heaven Glove Masques are a must! Infused with hydrating rose, shea, argan, seaweed, goji berry and many other natural plant extracts, the gloves revive chapped hands in 15-20 mins. After treatment skin feels supple, brittle nails are healthier and damaged cuticles are nourished so you can show-off that trendy spring mani. 7th Heaven is available at farleyco.ca and drugstores, the gloves retail for just $5.99 per pack.

The Bliss Mask a-Peel is like no other I’ve used! The powder comes in a little cup which you add water to and mix to form a thick paste that transforms into a rubber once applied. The mask dries quickly and locks in all the skin conditioning ingredients including seaweed, tea tree and willow extract. After 15 mins the rubber peels off easily revealing soft, moisturized skin! One treatment retails for $15.00 but it is enough for 2 applications so you can try mixing half at a time. The mask is available at London Drugs, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay and online.

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