Monday, April 10, 2017

Dior Poison Girl Perfume Review

When I was a little girl I loved exploring my mom’s impressive perfume collection displayed atop an elegant glass tray on her dresser. One fragrance I distinctly recall is Poison - the alluring black bottle resembled an irresistible elixir and the scent was powerful and intoxicating. Now there is a new aroma on the market, a signature blend for a modern generation of young women who are confident and sexy.

Poison Girl still maintains the sophistication and luxury of past formulas with a fresh new twist that tantalizes and seduces the senses. It is modern, classy and bold with bittersweet ambiance and feminine flare suitable for day wear and sultry enough for a night out.

The fragrance opens with juicy iced fruit and a blend of sweet Sicillian orange contrasted with refreshing bitter orange. The middle notes include sparkling neroli and the peppery honeyed power of rose which enhances the zesty citrus. The base is composed of soothing vanilla and tonka bean to warm the floral bouquet and you can catch hints of almond and cashmere. At first whiff I also detect a faint cherry-like aroma which may be the ripe fruit mixing with the complexity of other notes.  

Poison girl combines many of the scents I love with well rounded sweetness balanced with deep enchanting ingredients for a soft, creamy delicious fragrance I can’t get enough of! There is something light, fun and youthful at its core which caters to current styles and trends yet it is also bright, polished and refined which makes it perfect for all occasions and seasons.

If you are looking for an amazing new perfume this is definitely a treat for women of all ages and it makes a great gift for Mother's Day. The 30ml bottle featured here retails for $72.00 and it is also available in larger bottles at Dior counters nationwide including Sephora and Hudson’s Bay.

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