Monday, April 24, 2017

Matrix Total Results Hair Care Review: So Long Damage & Curl Please

Now that winter has finally ended many of us are breaking out our summer wardrobe and trying to replenish our skin and hair. When the weather is colder I usually wear my hair straight which means blow drying and flat ironing but as things heat up I revert back to my natural curls to give my stressed strands time to recoup.

Matrix has launched a complete care and styling system for every hair challenge including: Mega Sleek, Hello Blondie, Rock It Texture, High Amplify, Moisture Me Rich, Color Obsessed and the two I will be reviewing today – So Long Damage and Curl Please.

The Damage Collection is formulated to repair weak strands and fortify against styling, heat, chemicals/dye and environmental elements by reducing breakage by up to 88% and allowing hair to grow strong and healthy. The shampoo ($12.99) smells fantastic and does what any good cleanser would – eliminate build-up and gunk on the follicles and scalp, foam away grease and lift substances that cause weight and residue like oils, leave-ins, dry shampoo, dust and grime. Although it does contain sulfate my hair still feels sleek and glossy instead of stripped and brittle. To prevent dryness I limit lathering to my scalp and allow the suds to trickle down towards the ends.

I love the ceramide conditioner in this collection because the consistency is lush and creamy with the perfect level or richness to coat, nourish and soften without making my strands limp or heavy. It also has great slip which makes detangling a breeze and my hair looks and feels revived, sleek, healthy and shiny with less breakage and split-ends. Letting the conditioner seep in and saturate damaged areas while in the shower is effective but the formula is also hydrating enough to be used as a deep treatment mask. I leave it on for 15-30 mins to substantially boost moisture, smooth and repair rough areas. I recommend that you comb it through or use the Aqua Brush by Tangle Teezer for even distribution. I also enhance absorption with the steam from my shower or a dryer attachment cap to warm the conditioner. It retails for $13.99.

Since my hair is very long (tailbone length) it gets caught in car doors, hooked on clothing and tangled in the wind which causes breakage and damage. To heal and tame my unruly mane the Break Fix Leave-In Elixir ($17.99) reconstructs brittle fibers, prepares hair for styling and works with my blow dryer or flat iron to create a lustrous finish with body, movement and bounce. I notice a dramatic difference in appearance and texture plus it helps control fly-aways and frizz while smoothing split-ends.

The Curl Please System moisturizes and defines waves and ringlets to control frizz. The shampoo ($12.99) works much like the damage formula for an invigorating cleanse but since curly hair is naturally drier it contains nourishing jojoba oil and protein to maintain the integrity of your spirals. Most curly girls know that a good leave-in is essential for preventing poof and frizz so I’ve been using the Contouring Lotion ($16.99). This creamy conditioner enhances definition, body and bounce while providing some hold to keep coils neat and moisturized. I also find that applying a light oil helps smooth and improve texture.

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