Monday, July 3, 2017

Acure Organics Skincare Review

I am fairly new to Acure Organics but I’ve been testing these products for weeks with fabulous results! If you haven’t tried the brand yet, you’re in for a treat. The formulas are free of toxic chemicals and harmful additives including: gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, preservatives and artificial color plus they are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. The company uses plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils for optimum performance and efficacy.

You’re probably thinking that high-quality, organic products are costly but this luxurious skincare is actually very affordable! From cleansers, exfoliates, moisturizer, body wash and lotion - Acure caters to all your needs.

What I love most about the Cleansing Towlettes is that the first ingredients listed on the package after water is argan, grape seed, sesame and olive oils. There are no harsh ingredients that leave your face dry and the cloths are soft and thick. The scent of delicious coconut is just the icing on the cake because the wipes gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat and environmental toxins to cleanse and soothe. I also use them to wipe-off cream face masks and refresh my skin after a grueling workout. The 30 pack retails for $6.99.

The Brightening Facial Scrub ($9.99) is infused with extracts from the sea + argan oil, green clay, lemon peel granules, and a variety of fruit extracts that slough-away dead cells to reveal a soft, clean complexion. The exfoliating beads are the perfect texture for resurfacing and you can control the intensity by adjusting the dampness of your skin.

During the summer I spend a lot of time outdoors and the sun’s UV alters my skin tone. The Brightening Mask ($9.99) uses the power of Moroccan argan, chlorella and green clay to balance, fade skin discoloration and rejuvenate! The clay also foams and bubbles like a cleanser to rinse away oil and pore-clogging build-up. After treatment, skin is radiant, supple and better equipped to absorb moisturizer and serum.

Using the right products before bed is essential for clear, glowing skin because your body heals and regenerates while you sleep. The Night Cream ($17.99) is loaded with fruit extracts (acai, blackberry rose and pomegranate) plus an abundance of rich oils, antioxidants, stem cells and CoQ10 to deeply condition and replenish. It quenches thirsty skin and smooths roughness for plump, silky results. The Magical Wonderfluff ($19.99) is an overnight hydrating booster mask (for the face and neck) that fights wrinkles, strengthens and tones for a youthful complexion. I apply it over the Night Cream to create an intensive treatment.

We all know that Moroccan argan oil is like super food for the skin and very high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that repair, hydrate, tone, protect and replenish. The only ingredient in Acure’s essential oil is organic argan which makes it a fabulous multi-purpose product to use on the skin, hair, cuticles/nails and feet to eradicate dryness. I wish the bottle had a medicine dropper for controlled application because the pump usually dispenses too much but I love how velvety and smooth it makes my skin feel. The oil retails for just $12.99.

The Ultra Hydrating Body Wash ($9.99) is available in delicious scents and fragrance-free formulas for sensitive skin. The coconut blend smells like the beach - enticing your senses as nutritive fruit extracts lather, cleanse and moisturize the body from head-to-toe with no film or tightness. Finish-up with the lush Body Lotion ($9.99) enriched with cocoa butter, fruit extract, oils and CoQ10 for resilient, touchably soft skin.

Acure Organics is available online at and at various drugstores and shops throughout the U.S. and Australia. To find a list of retailers click HERE.

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