Tuesday, October 2, 2018

KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer Review

In the age of digital technology and social media we may have lost our appreciation for print photography and spontaneous Polaroids. I’m a bit old-school when it comes to keepsake photo albums and commemorating special occasions. I like to share fun memories and use snapshots to decorate cards, scrapbooks and other mementos.

Photos don’t just capture important moments, they also tell a story and with the KiiPix ($49.00) you can instantly print your favorite pictures directly from your cell phone. I don’t consider myself very “tech savvy” but this device is easy to use. There are no batteries, cords or special apps and you don’t even need Wifi. Simply load the film (it takes just a few seconds), pop open the panels, set the frame, align the shot and press the shutter.

I played around with the printer and discovered that the photos turn out much better when my screen is clean and the brightness is turned all the way up. Make sure to adjust your screensaver settings so it doesn’t time-out and go dark.

The frame that your phone rests on tends to slide around so be careful when manually cranking out the pic. Just like a regular Polaroid, the film will be blank for a few seconds before the photo begins to appear. Initially there were white streaks on all of my shots but they fade gradually and completely disappear by the next day.

The printer only works with FUJUFILM Instax mini film ($13.99 for 10 pics) and the photos have a retro-stylized effect that gives them a faded vintage look. The filter is nice but I prefer sharper images with vibrant color and the option to buy more than 10 prints per roll (they tend to go fast).

The KiiPix makes an awesome gift for gadget lovers and you can take it anywhere! Use it to decorate any room in the house, personalize gifts or create a mini photo booth for weddings, showers and birthdays. It comes in handy for capturing your baby’s milestones or a fun night out with the girls. I use mine to print vacation photos for my office and makeup pics for my vanity. The small prints are also perfect for marking special events in my day planner.

KiiPix is available at Toys R Us

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