Wednesday, October 24, 2018

THE BODY SHOP Body Yogurt Collection

Have you ever been in such a rush that you hopped out of the shower and decided to skip the body cream? Some formulas take forever to absorb while others leave you feeling so slick and moist you can’t even pull up your favorite pair of jeans.

For busy mornings and dry skin, The Body Shop has created a delectable selection of Body Yogurts ($16.00 ea) that are lightweight, fast absorbing and 100% vegan! The delicious formulas smell like ripe fruit and sweet flowers on a sunny spring day. If you are sensitive to strong fragrances you might want to take a whiff before purchasing but I think the scents are lovely.

After showering, apply the non-sticky refreshing gel on damp skin to soften, smooth and hydrate for up to 48 hours. Each formula is enriched with organic almond milk from Spain and sustainably sourced natural ingredients from Rwanda.

Strawberries don’t last very long in my house and although this scent smells more like candy than fruit, the whole family enjoys the indulgent aroma.

Moringa is a plant that contains a variety of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This luscious blend smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers enveloping you in nourishment.

The Mango Yogurt reminds me of peach lollipops (resist the urge to eat it).

British Rose is uplifting and fresh but not very floral. It reminds me of an amazing hair conditioner, the kind you put on and can’t stop smelling.

Almond Milk is my favorite because the scent is mild and the formula is safe for sensitive skin. To treat dry flaky patches, apply generously. There is no build-up or residue so use as much as you like.

These cute jars make great gifts and stocking stuffers for all the ladies on your holiday list. The collection is available at THE BODY SHOP stores and online at

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