Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Clarisonic Mia Smart Review

Over the years Clarisonic has developed many great beauty tools that have kept our complexions clean, healthy and radiant. The brand’s latest innovation is the Mia Smart ($299.00) which surpasses many of the cleansing brushes on the market when it comes to enhancing and customizing your skincare routine.

What’s Included
This device comes with a very basic user guide (you may have to do some research), 1 brush head and a USB charging cord with stand. Other brushes and attachments are sold separately and there are a variety of sets available online. 

New Features
What makes this Mia smarter than its predecessors is the Bluetooth Technology that connects to a special app. Now you can set skincare goals and reminders, access routines and track progress to personalize your treatments. It also has a replacement brush head indicator, 2 modes that allow you to transition from gentle sonic cleansing to daily use, and a smart mode that runs all attachments and routines.

The app is only compatible with iPhones and Androids so I cannot download it on my new 256 GB iPad Pro and my Samsung is running low on space. I will post an update when I’ve synced my device.

Brushes & Attachments
The Mia Smart comes with the Daily Radiance Brush ($30.00) but I prefer the Sensitive Brush Head ($30.00) since the sonic pulsation and exfoliation can be quite intense when used regularly (please note that replacement brushes for this device will be available for purchase in the new year).

It is very tempting to open the box and start cleansing twice a day but I highly recommend moderate use until your skin adjusts. To prevent irritation, redness or bumps, it is also important to use the right brush for your skin type.

Mia Smart beeps to signal each successive cleansing step and the waterproof design is great for in-shower use. Instead of circular rotation the device uses powerful vibrations to eliminate excess oil, stubborn makeup, impurities, pollutants and acne causing bacteria trapped deep within the pores. It is 6X more effective than traditional cleansing methods and works well with most face wash.

After each treatment my skin feels soft, smooth fresh and polished with fewer breakouts. It also enhances the absorption and efficiency of my skincare products for a healthy glow.

Makeup Application
The Foundation Brush Attachment ($39.00) is designed to blend and contour creams, liquids and stick formulas for a flawless airbrushed finish. It does most of the work for you – blurring pores, concealing blemishes and seamlessly buffing in pigment with less product absorption and waste.

It is never too early for preventative anti-aging care and with the Firming Massage Head ($79.00) you can tone sagging skin, lift, firm and tighten your profile, cheeks, neck or décolleté from the comfort of home. The invigorating waves stimulate circulation and facial muscles while softening lines and shrinking pores. Use it on your pressure points to help relieve headaches and promote relaxation. Since my mom took stole my last massager for her chin area, I'm keeping this one for myself.

Eye Treatment
We’ve all experienced some degree of puffiness or dark circles and when creams are not enough, the Sonic Awakening Eye Massager ($79.00) revitalizes the area so you look well rested. I’m not sure which direction to twist the stationary balls because the attachment locks into one position making it a bit difficult to manoeuvre. The cool aluminum soothes and alleviates tired eyes while 18,000 massaging vibrations reduce wrinkles, soften crow’s feet, minimize bags and improve blood flow. Like any anti-aging treatment, consistency is key.

I am currently using my eye massager with Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Supercharged Complex ($80.00).  The lightweight, silky formula helps repair the impact of sleep deprivation, pollution, dryness and blue light from electronic devices that can inhibit the body’s natural healing process. It also brightens, hydrates, firms, reduces visible signs of aging and prevents free-radical damage with an 8 hour antioxidant complex. (Available at Sephora, The Bay and online at

The attachments can be tricky to get on and off, (especially if this is your first Clarisonic) but it usually becomes easier with practice.

Clarisonic is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, Saks and online at

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