Monday, November 5, 2018

Dermawand Pro Review | Professional Anti-Aging Device

Earlier this year I reviewed the original DermaWand – a popular beauty tool that uses radio frequency and oxygen-rich thermal energy to perform safe in-home mini face lifts. With the holiday season fast approaching, nothing beats the gift of youthful skin and the company has recently released a new model that delivers visible results in less time.

The DermaWand Pro ($198.98) is 50% more powerful than its predecessor, featuring a sleek new design, non-slip comfort grip and 12 settings instead of 9. “The technology is clinically proven to work better than creams alone” to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also tones sagging skin, minimizes pores, improves texture, tightens loose folds on the neck, and helps fade crows feet, under eye bags and laugh lines.

As suggested in my previous article, do a spot test on your arm and read the instruction manual carefully. As the current touches the skin’s surface you will feel a distinct zap, similar to static electricity. The treatment is not painful but it takes some getting used to. Start at level one until you’ve adjusted to the sensation.

I didn’t experience any adverse reactions, pain or redness but I don’t usually turn the dial higher than 5. For someone like me who uses the DermaWand as a preventative measure, you probably don’t need the advanced intensity settings of the Pro model. I don’t have visible signs of aging or wrinkles so a quick touch-up here and there is enough to stimulate collagen, promote circulation and keep my profile toned.

If you suffer from advanced signs of aging, deep wrinkles, spots and drooping, the Pro model is more effective. Work your way through the levels until you reach the highest setting and move the glass tip slowly along your problem areas for optimal penetration. The microcurrent travels deep within the tissue to revitalize muscles and you can also treat other areas of the body including arms, legs and stomach.

You only need to use the DermaWand Pro for 3 minutes a day on clean moisturized skin and it gives your face and eye area a little lift before big events or special occasions. Instant results may be temporary so stay committed to achieve long-term goals.

Since using the device my skin definitely looks more refreshed and healthy. My mom loves borrowing my wand to rejuvenate her chin area so this Christmas she is getting her own.

The unit comes with a standard wall plug (no charging required), a Pre-Face Treatment Spray, instruction manual and carrying case for travel and storage.

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