Monday, November 12, 2018

Mix Beauty Lab | Create Your Own Makeup!

Last Tuesday Mix Beauty Lab invited me to their studio to do something many beauty gurus, editors and influencers only dream about. I had the opportunity to create my very own makeup and the process was so much fun!

I’ve always wanted to formulate my own products and although I haven’t reached that stage in my career (yet), it was interesting to see how much time and effort goes into developing a new shade. The lab technicians helped bring my vision to life as I chose a hydrating matte base and began mixing pigments.

It took a few adjustments to achieve the exact tone and texture I had in mind but the saturation isn't quite there. I have to apply a few generous layers to achieve medium coverage but the consistency is moist and comfortable.

Once everything was mixed to my specifications we heated the liquid, poured it into a mold and carefully pressed it into the tube. My lippie looked a bit wet for a while so I popped it in the fridge overnight.

Each custom lipstick will cost you $50.00 or $80.00 for 2 (including the help of a mixologist). Considering the average price of a high-end lipstick this service is a bit expensive but I think every makeup junkie should try it at least once.

If you bring a photo the lab can also help you recreate your favorite shade even after it has been discontinued.

I named my lipstick Seductress because...well just look at it! 

I was excited to formulate a custom foundation because I can never seem to find a flawless match. Mixing the pigment wasn’t as hands-on since it required a trained eye but I was able to choose a suitable finish for my skin type (combination), preferred coverage (full) and beneficial additives like vitamins, emollients, skincare and SPF.

The lighting in the studio that night made it difficult to determine undertones so you might want to visit during the day and arrive with little to no makeup on your face.

She came close to making me a decent color match but I still have to blend my custom shade with another foundation to lighten the finish. On the bright side, the texture is silky, lightweight and smooth – definitely a high quality formula. The cost of creating a custom foundation is $65.00, not bad for the size.

At the lip gloss station I had no idea what color I wanted to make so I started by customizing the consistency (shiny with a balm-like texture for more hydration) and I went to work adding pigment, mixing in glitter and infusing fragrance. It was also interesting to see other people’s creations. You can tell a lot about someone’s personal style by the shades they concoct and whatever you whip up in the lab will be one of a kind which is oddly satisfying.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Envy – a pretty burgundy pink with iridescent pink shimmer and a citrus-y sangria scent. It isn't as pigmented as I hoped but it makes my lips look plush and luminous!

Custom lip gloss service - $40.00 per gloss or $70 for two.

Mix Beauty Lab is definitely taking makeup to a new level with their interactive sessions and if I had known about it years ago when planning my bachelorette it would have been a unique experience for all my friends! It is a great idea for birthday parties or girl’s night and they also provide makeup applications, facials, lash services, manicures body exfoliation and tanning – a little something for everyone.

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