Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Essence Quick Dry Nail Polish Review

Color Essence is a rather small cosmetics company compared to many big name brands that are popular in stores. Here in Canada the selection is very minimal and I can only find a fraction of the products that are available on the Color Essence website.
 I own a few different items from this brand including their eye liner, mascara, blush, lipsticks and eye shadows and for a lower end brand their products tend to be pretty good.

In the U.S. you can find Essence cosmetics in Ulta and here in the Greater Toronto Area the brand is available at Shopper Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug Mart usually has a small display tucked away somewhere in the store. If you would like to check out their website you can find it at:

Color Essence sells affordable cosmetics at a fraction of the price with some items starting at just $1.50.  The nail polishes that I am going to review in this post were about $2.50 each.

 I will begin by naming all my polishes in the photo above from left to right
#05 Sweet as Candy (sheer pink)
#08 Ultimate Pink
#39 Lime Up!
#86 A Lovely Secret (pastel lavender color with purple flecks)
#26 Break Through (medium toned deep purple)
#98 Walk On Air (deep blue)
#53 You Belong to Me (pastel mint green color)
#34 Walk Of fame (brown taupe color)
#46 Wake Up (vibrant orange)
#55 Let’s Get Lost (vibrant sky blue color)

I love the color range of this nail polish line. They range from neon colors, to bright and vibrant colors and even subtle and earthy toned hues. These polishes come in small bottles but the fact that they are fast drying was a big selling point for me. They also do not test on animals which is also a bonus.

The polishes apply rather opaque and they are easy to apply. Most of the polishes only require 2 coats and they do dry rather quickly. They give off a slightly glossy finish and the brush is rather standard and easy to work with. I like that the formula is rather thick as opposed to thin and runny.

I find that for the price these polishes are of good quality and with a good top coat I have gotten one whole week wear without any chipping. With any nail polish, chipping also depends on how much you use your hands. If you are doing a lot of work with your hands you may not get as much wear out of your polish.

These polishes are great for all seasons and they look good as part of a manicure or pedicure. I have no issues with the polish bubbling on my nails and they do not stain.

My favourite pink color thus far including all polish brands I have tried is #8 called Ultimate Pink. This pink definitely lives up to its name and with a top coat it looks bright and extra glossy which I love.

My second favourite color in this line is #46 called Wake Up, which is a vibrant orange color and the best orange color I have found throughout all nail polish brands.

If you like pastel colors then you will love the colors You Belong to Me and A Lovely Secret which are colors I love for the spring time. 


  1. Oh my, that's awesome haul!! I have to say I love Essence polishes, a lot. I have quite a huge collection of both the very old, these older and the new ones xD Just as you say, I love the wide colour range <3
    A lot of people say, that these polishes are chipping really soon, but I disagree. When I put both base and top coat, my mani lasts up to 10 days (oh well, it's quite boring for me to have one color for such long time xD But when I didn't have time to change the colour, it was possible to stay for such long time without problems...) And so I do a lot of work with my hands, still no chipping! So I really can't complain xD xD
    And I really love your choice of colours. I do have almost all of these shades, except of Let's get lost, but it's available in the new bottle as well, so I'm planning to buy^^ And except A Lovely secret - this is such a pity to me, since I didn't get it in time and it's no longer available here. And such a pretty shade it is <3 From those I own I really love Sweet as candy, I have like my 3rd bottle of this baby and it's amazing especially for french. It looks like gel nails <3 Or I layer it over glitter polishes and it adds such a sweet colour to them^^ You belong to me is a perfect summer shade <3 And I also really love Walk of fame, that's brilliant colour! And Lime up is beautiful green, one of my faves and it changes it's shade, depending whether you are inside or out, natural light or artificial one. So with that one bottle you get many shades of green xD xD

    1. Hi Niki! Thanks for stopping by again. I totally agree with you, I can get up to a week with these polishes and I don't find that some of the higher end brands really last all that long either! Seems like we have many of the same polishes :) i think we have great taste lol.

  2. Oh yay, we certainly do xD xD And the same here, but I usually put top coat and then all my nail polishes last so long... Only when I'm too lazy xD or I want to change the mani after a day or two, I don't put top coat. But still, no problem with Essence polishes^^

  3. Very cute colors. I love essence nail polishes!


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