Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hemp Seed Oil for Skin & Hair

Raw hemp seeds

Hemp oil facts:
Hemp oil is produced by pressing the raw seeds of the hemp plant; in this form it is completely legal and is used in many cosmetic and beauty products.

Here are some other quick facts about the benefits of hemp oil:

*High in Polysaturated fatty acids 
*High in protein 
*Contains omega 6 and 3
*Contains antioxidants and vitamin e
*Contains potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium

For my Skin:
I use hemp oil as a night moisturizer on my face and since using it I have noticed that over time it has helped even out my skin tone and helped to fade some of my blemishes. 

Hemp oil is also a great moisturizer for the skin because it does not clog the pores or cause acne but it does act as a natural moisturizer and helps with skin irritation. 

The enzymes found in hemp oil can be absorbed into the skin to leave the skin very soft. Hemp oil is used in many moisturizers, creams and cosmetics but I purchase the organic oil and use it directly on my skin for the best results. I also use it on my body after I get out of the shower.

I would recommend using the oil on your face and body only during the evening while you are at home and applying it after your shower because although the oil does not clog pores it does tend to leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

For my hair:
I also use hemp oil on my hair. Because of the fatty acids hemp oil is great for nourishing the hair and the high protein content helps strengthen hair. The fatty acids in hemp oil act as an emollient which helps retain moisture and combats dry hair. You can also get the benefits from this oil if you ingest it orally which is also great for your skin and hair.

*note: The oil I purchase for my hair and skin cannot be ingested, if you would like to take the oil orally then you will have to get the kind that is safe to ingest.

Hemp oil has many other medical benefits but I primarily use it for my hair and skin. For my hair I use hemp oil for scalp massages and the oil helps combat dry scalp as well as nourishes my scalp. The act of massaging to promote blood flow and using the oil can aid in hair growth. 

 Sometimes I mix my hemp oil with my conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment or I mix the oil with some raw organic honey for another deep treatment masque. I also occasionally mix my hemp oil with other oils such as coconut oil or grape seed oil. I use hemp oil to seal my ends when I want to prevent dryness and split ends.

I don’t care for the scent of the oil, it smells earthy and a bit like grass but I only use it at night so this isn't a problem.

Where I get my hemp oil and what kind I buy:

I purchase my hemp oil from a store called New Directions Airomatics which is a company that sells many natural oils and extracts. You can find their website at: they have both a Canadian and America store and you can order their products online. They also have some really great natural shampoos and conditioners. I have used the Poya Rosemary mint conditioner with natural botanicals and it was amazing.

I purchase the unrefined organic hemp oil, unrefined is always better even if you decide to purchase from other organic stores because the oil retains most of its nutritional properties.

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