Monday, March 11, 2013

MUST-HAVE Items for Every Woman's Closet

Guest blog written by: Amanda Ali
You can find Amanda on Twitter @amandaanne86
Creating the perfect wardrobe is a challenge that most women who aren't blessed with a handy personal shopper and stylist face at some point in their lives. It may often feel that no matter how much clothes you buy, you never have enough...or that you are forced to run panicking to the mall the day before a party or interview to buy a new outfit.

The trick to creating a wardrobe that will stand the test of time is to add clothing and accessories that

1) Reflect the changing seasons
2) Reflect your personality
3) Are of good quality that can be re worn and reused
 4) Can be mixed and matched
5) Reflect the recurring events in your life (e.g. work, parties, day to day errands, dates etc.)
6) Are staples for every wardrobe. 

My following guest blog post will focus on the staple items that should be in every woman's closet.

1) Tank tops and t-shirts - these are essentials for layering
2) A white blouse - choose one that buttons up the front
3) A cashmere sweater

1) The perfect fitting jeans - it may be a long and difficult search, but it is well worth the reward. There are many articles online or in magazines that will tell you how to go about choosing the right fit for your body type.
2) A pencil skirt - this should be form fitting and above the knees
3) A flattering pair of black pants - Make sure that they are form fitting so that you can wear them to the office as well as out on the town
4) A pair of sweatpants and/or jeggings/leggings 
5) A jaw dropping miniskirt

1) A black blazer - blazer's are versatile and can be thrown on quickly to take any outfit from casual to dressy and professional instantly. Make sure that it is fitted to your body.
2) A cute little cardigan - this item can be worn with anything and is great to always keep within reach
3) A leather jacket and/or trench coat

1) Classic black pumps
2) Ballet flats
3) Multipurpose boots - think a cross between boots you can wear to run errands AND a night out....once again the long and difficult search is worth it.

1) A Maxi Dress 
2) A cute little summer dress
3) A little black dress
4) A cocktail dress
5) A formal dress

1) A bag you can fit your whole life into - choose a bag in a standard colour that you can see yourself carrying every day. It should be large enough to fit everything you need on a daily basis, but still look like a purse and not a briefcase or travel bag. you should make sure the bag is real leather.

2) A bold scarf - opt for bright colours or bold patterns to give any outfit a lift 
3) A necklace and pair of earrings - (does NOT have to match) but it does have to make a statement. A pearl necklace is always a good choice, but it can be whatever you prefer
4) A pretty clutch - I prefer envelope clutches but it is a personal preference. However, stay away from the tiny clutches where you can only fit a pack of gum and a lipstick.
5) A great pair of sunglasses that compliments your face and looks trendy.

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