Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Beauty Favs!!

Suave Naturals body washes:

I got these body washes in Walmart on sale for $1.50 each. I like that they are very strongly scented and smell great. The scents I got are:
* Milk and honey which is infused with milk protein and on the bottle it says that it can be compared to Bath and Body Works warm vanilla sugar.
* Cocoa butter & shea, which is also enriched with milk protein, cocoa seed butter, shea butter and honey extract. This scent can also be compared to Bath and Body Works warm vanilla sugar.
Tropical coconut, infused with real coconut extract and can be compared to Bath and Body Works creamy coconut shower gel.

Wet N Wild lipsticks:
I have a ton of these Wet n Wild lipsticks that I got at an average price of $1.47 each. They may be inexpensive but they come in some flattering shades and the formula is pretty good and non drying.
Here are some swatches
Hard Candy cream eye shadow in the color Midas Touch

eos lip balm: sweet mint

I have mentioned the eos lip balms before but this month my favorite scent was the sweet mint. It smells like mint chocolate ice cream and leaves my lips tingly and moisturized.

Conair double pronged comb:

I love my double pronged comb which is designed to detangle curly hair. I like how the teeth glide through my hair and doesn't snag and pull out hair unnecessarily. I purchased this comb at Walgreens and I believe it was about $6

Xpress liner and shadow pencils:
Xpress is a new line I have been trying out. I purchased these two pencils for about $2.49 each. They can be used as eye shadows or eyeliners. The colors show up nice and bold but you do have to wear an eye shadow primer under them so that they last all day. They also go on quite creamy and I didn't have any issue with creasing. I purchased these at my local beauty supply store.

St. Ives deep restoring body lotion:
I go through body lotion very quickly, this month I have been liking this one by St Ives. It leaves my skin nice and soft and the effects last a long time. It was also under $5!
*Clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours 
*100 % natural moisturizers 
*Fast absorbing
*Non greasy
*Contains shea butter and sweet almond oil

Freeman Anti-stress dead sea minerals mask:
*Purifies and clears pores
*Contains sea salt, dead sea minerals, bergamot oil and lavender
*Replenish moisture balance
*Helps smooth skin
*Ideal for all skin types

Other Favorites this Month:

Arthur's pineapple coconut real fruit smoothie:
I like smoothies but I usually don't feel like making one before heading off to the gym in the morning, and I definitely don't usually feel like cleaning up after I blend. These smoothies especially the pineapple coconut is delicious.
*Contains 11 essential nutrients
*No added sugar
*Each bottle contains 1/4 of a pineapple, 1 whole apple, 1 whole banana, and 1/4 of a coconut. 
*Source of fibre  
*Not from concentrate

Turbana garlic plantain chips:
These are by far my favorite plantain chips, all I can say is that they are delicious. I purchased them from Winners.

Special K chocolate crisps:
These chocolate cookie bars are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while having a low calorie snack. They also come in strawberry but the chocolate is my favorite.

My favorite book of the month was: The Twentieth Wife.
This book tells the tale of a woman's love for an Indian king and a lifetime of hardship and struggle before finally claiming her spot in the empire.


  1. These are some great products!! Plus it reminded me that I have to do my April favs post lol.

    Thank you for joining my blog hop! I'm glad your blogging again ( I went through the same thing for a while). You def have my support :)


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks so much for the support. It is so hard to get started again once you have slacked off but I love doing it!

  2. Those lipstick colors looks so pretty! I might try those Suave body washes next when I run out of mine. I'll be posting my April faves sometime this week too hehehe =)

    1. The lipsticks are surprisingly pretty! They are so cheap that I thought they would be terrible, but they are non drying and they are better than some of my high end lipsticks that make my lips chapped, so I went back to the display and just went nuts lol. I will be looking out for your favs too :)

  3. Hi Erica, thanks for the comment, and yeah definitely go for elf nail polishes, they are amazing! Anyway i created the blog lovin, and followed you the, so you can too if you want :)

    Karol :)


    1. I will definitely do that, I'm having some password issues with blog lovin right now and can't sign in so when they send me a password reset code I will try then :)

  4. Oooh great favourites:) The wet n wild lipsticks are so pretty, I wish I could get then in london though. All the really cool products aren't available in the UK lol!
    A MakeupHabit

    1. Thanks. Yes they are nice for such affordable lipsticks. I know what you mean about products not being available, we get some things here in Toronto but a lot of the products that I want are only sold in the United States and they take forever to release them here, if they even do. I am actually going to Buffalo New York which is at the Niagara Falls border and I am going to get some beauty items this weekend for my upcoming trip. I always head over there to get the things I need and can't get here in Canada.


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