Monday, April 29, 2013

The Benefits of Hot Yoga

I try my best to workout and heat healthy but sometimes a routine program can get a bit boring. It is also beneficial to add new elements into your workout for best results.

I decided to give hot yoga a try. Hot yoga is basically yoga that is performed in a studio where the temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit. It feels similar to a sauna except the heat isn't as dry. 
The Benefits:

The yoga movements and postures in combination with the heat causes your body to sweat and flush out toxins.  It also encourages you to drink more water during and after the session to keep you hydrated.

Yoga can be a great way to relax and for me hot yoga provided the ultimate feeling of rest and relaxation. After a hot yoga session I felt at ease, my muscles felt loose and I had a positive sense of well being.

Hot yoga classes also improved my sleep. Because I felt more relaxed after my sessions I was able to fall asleep with more ease and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Benefits for your skin:
I loved the way my skin looked and felt after my hot yoga sessions. Sweating out those toxins while essentially having my face steamed was a wonderful combination.

Great for your body:
There are postures in the hot yoga session that stimulate different organs and promote a healthy metabolism.

Other benefits:
*Promotes weight loss
*Appetite control
*Improves posture and coordination
*Helps with anxiety
*Improves flexibility and balance

I have also tried Hot Pilates in the same studio and found that it also yielded positive results although it was a different type of workout and had different benefits for my body.

I would definitely recommend adding a hot yoga session to the end of your day.


  1. I would love to try this, but there aren't any places that offer it in my town. :(

    1. That is too bad but it would be a good business venture to open up a hot yoga studio in your town since it would be the first of its kind.

      If you are ever in a town that does offer these classes give it a try, they are wonderful!

  2. Nice post, yoga is a very great activity!
    Thanks for sharing information about hot yoga, I hear about it first time!

    1. You are very welcome :)

      Hot yoga is fantastic! I actually prefer it to regular yoga.

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  4. I used to do yoga regularly until a couple years ago. Your post reminded me that I should stop being a slacker, pick up my mat and do yoga on the beach every morning like I used to :)


    1. Yoga on the beach sounds amazing!

      I know what you mean, we all have those moments where we slack off lol

  5. nice article, yoga is the best thing to adopt in a life.


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