Monday, April 1, 2013

March Beauty Favorites

Lipstick and Cosmetic organizer:

I have been looking for an ideal solution for organizing my lipsticks for a while and I came across this organizer at Winners for $12.99 I am using it primarily for lipsticks but the compartments also allow you to store other makeup items such as blush or single eye shadows. Although it isn't enough space for all of my lipstick it does help me find what I am looking for with ease. 

Cover Girl Lipstick (#335 Embrace):

I seem to have a slight obsession with purple toned lipsticks this year. I love this Cover Girl lipstick because it is just the right shade of dark purple with undertones of deep pink and berry hues. The lipstick has a slight shimmer effect when the light catches your lips at certain angles. I do find that after a few hours after most of the lipstick has come off it tends to dry out my lips so I would suggest using a bit of lip balm underneath it.

Color Essence eyeliner in #14 called All I want:
Applying a light colored eye liner on your bottom waterline can make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake. White eye liner is usually a good option for lighter skin tones, but if you have a darker skin tone white eye liner can look very harsh and may not produce the desired effect. Using a tan or beige eye liner on darker skin tones is a better option. This eye liner by color Essence is great, it goes on creamy and lasts a long time. 

Vaseline Total Moisture Coco Radiant Body Cream: 
This body cream is light and has a thinner consistency but it goes on smooth and leaves my skin soft and hydrated all day.
Refuge Perfume:

You can find this perfume at Charlotte Russe clothing store. This perfume has a light sweet scent that is perfect for everyday use. This is one of my favorite perfumes because the scent gets better as the day wears on and none of the notes in the perfume are over powering. I also think this scent is very feminine. 

Other Favs this month:

Sandals: By Mossimo Supply CO.
Style: Waylon
I vowed that I would no longer purchase shoes that hurt my feet or that are impossible to walk in. I love heels but I have a closet full of shoes that I don’t wear because they cause me pain in some shape or form.
I find that wedges are usually the most comfortable type of heels and I have had some luck in the past with sandals purchased at Target. I bought these sandals at Target for $30.00. They are comfortable, the straps are very soft and they stretch a little so they are not rough against the feet.
Ginger Peach tea by Bentley’s
I have to admit that I am not an avid tea drinker, herbal teas being among my least favorites. Up until now the only teas that I have enjoyed are the creamy milky Chi teas and the Kasmiri tea served at my favorite Pakistani restaurant which also includes milk and other spices. My sister and my friend introduced me to this ginger peach tea one night and I got hooked! I love the light fruit scent and taste of the peaches and I can barley taste the ginger at all. This tea is a white tea and it is it a specialty in the Chinese Province of Fujin dating back to the Ming Dynasty. You can purchase this tea at Homesense or Winners in the food section or look for it online.

The Glass Castle by Janette Walls:

The Glass Castle is the best book I read in the Month of March. It is about a young girl’s journey with her very unorthodox family that travels all over America. With an artistic but irresponsible mother and a care free but alcoholic father Janette often finds herself trying to feed and fend for herself; struggling through life and living in less than sanitary conditions. This book is a very interesting memoir about family, poverty and survival that I would definitely recommend. 

Best Movie I saw in March:

Identity Thief was the best movie I saw in March. It was funny and a great date night movie.

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