Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Tag!

I haven’t done a tag in a while so I thought I would do this one because autumn or as we more frequently call it in Canada, fall is my favorite season. I was tagged by: Jamie from Only Average Mom. And Jackie from Five Two Certified also did this tag.

So let’s get right into the questions...

Q- What is your favorite thing about autumn?
A- That’s easy; it would have to be the colors of the trees! I also love how sunny and cool it is. I enjoy Thanksgiving and making dinner with my family and carving pumpkins with my sister. And let’s not forget scaring myself silly with horror flicks on Halloween.
Our pumpkin from last year

Q- What is your favorite drink?
A- That would have to be hot chocolate with marshmallows; I am actually dying to try this recipe for hot chocolate made with Nutella!  I also like a good mocha late´ or French vanilla cappuccino with a sprinkle of chocolate and cinnamon,  and the assortment of pumpkin flavored drinks that surface this time of year.

Q- What is your favorite candle scent?
A- My favorite candles are always the ones that smell like sweet delicious baked goods. Like apple pie or cupcakes.
Bath and Body Works

Q- What is your favorite fall lipstick?
A-I love the wines, plums, deep reds and burgundy lip colors for fall. My favorite right now is the color below called Raisin by Kiss New York.  I will have a fall lip colors post up tomorrow. To see my post on these lipsticks click HERE

Q- What is your go to fall moisturizer?
A-In the fall and winter it is still important to wear a moisturizer with SPF since the UV rays are still present so I wear the Aveeno daily moisturizer with SPF 15. My foundation and concealer also have SPF.

Q- What is your favorite go to color for the eyes?
A- I love gold eye shadow; I wear it all year but especially in the fall. I also like shimmery copper tones, ember and emerald.
Gold shimmer eye shadow
Q- What is your favorite music to listen to?
A- My taste in music doesn't change with the seasons but rather with my mood. I guess I would have to say mainstream like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Adele, Bruno Mars etc. When I meditate or I am in a mellow mood I listen to Classical music, when I feel like I need something more upbeat I listen to Hip hop, Dance/Pop, or Reggae/Dance hall and Soca. I also like Opera so you could say I have an eclectic taste.

Q-   What is your favorite outfit to wear?
A-I would say black stockings, (the opaque kind not the transparent kind), a nice knitted skirt, boots (maybe knee or thigh high), a nice top and a jacket/blazer, a bright scarf and some nice accessories.

Q- What is your favorite autumn treat?
A- I LOVE warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
Image from Pinterest via: Nadia Pimenta

Q- Where is your favorite place to be?
A- Taking a nice drive with my hubby, along a beautiful country road where I can see all the colorful leafs and just chill out and listen to some music. Sometimes you just need to break away from it all.

I tag anyone else who wants to participate in this tag. If you do leave me a link to your post so I can check it out :)


  1. Oh I love apple pie too. Such a great dessert. I'm visiting over from Only Average Mom. I did the tag too if you want to check it out. - Jenny

  2. Oh my gosh, hot chocolate with Nutella? I'm sold and I don't even need to hear anymore. Your picture of Tim Horton's cups reminds me of all of my Canadian pals that I worked with in Korea. They said that they missed Tim Horton's more frequently than they said they missed their families, haha. I like Tim Horton's, too, but there isn't one in my town!

    1. LOL Canadians are addicted to Tims (as we call it) I swear every street corner has one. I had Tims in Dubai! So I guess I am a true Canadian and addicted like all the rest lol.

  3. I love these Tags! Oooo I am a big hot chocolate milk junkie and I have never thought of making hot chocolate with Nutella! I am going to try this asap! I love Candles that smell liked baked good too I just love it when the home smells like you just baked a cake or cinnamon rolls :)

  4. Those drinks sounds so yummy! And I do love driving around this time of year too just to see the different colors of the leaves *sigh* that just sounds such a nice relaxing day!
    Great answers Erica I love all your choices too =)

  5. yumm. love the apple pie too but without vanilla Icecream..

  6. Awesome post and awesome choices!! :D

  7. I love that gold eye shadow! Your favorites about fall are awesome! I love cinnamon candles, Thanksgiving and the colors myself! xoxo


  8. Mmmm I want a hot mocha and some apple pie now! :)

  9. Love it <3 i love autumn season love ur post <3 feeling so refreshing :)

  10. hot chocolate made with Nutella so yummiii to drink it. nice post girl :)

  11. Hey Erica! Thanks for the Tag, check and that treat is up my street

  12. I'm so sad that Halloween is not a tradition here :( It's so fun :X I love scented candles, I could burn them all day, especially if they smell like vanilla, or any other sweet scents :D We have pretty simliar tastes :)

  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your answers! Thanks for playing tag :)


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